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Part 2 These words are clear

the pure beings came to cole and showed him his past life and the beings wanted to stop the defilement of the civilizations.they chose to end the whole plans of kulma that swallowed the peoples heart in despair. cole decided to face the restless mental energy and stop the dred of his heart and by these pure choices made he will have a better vision. cole did travel to the dimensions to find out if his dimensional self had a clue of where to hide.( cole visions a bright white light at the top of his head and the light spreaded slowly down the body and went inside the body then cole went deeper in relaxation and in moments there was a door that opened of the dimension.) a pure being came to cole and said " i will lead you to your records of past life" cole: where do i hide . pure being: dont worry about that ( the being hands a pen of living fire and that fire never consumed cole) ( then flashes of fire flashed near the interior eye and cole seen himself in this dimension) pure being: write what you see ( cole was handed sacred parchment and he started writing what he saw.) in this dimension cole is a researcher of secret philosophy and it was written for flames of healing and life,and he wrote down that the energetic bliss became a sheild to repell all those fallen race. ( in this dimension cole looks up from writing and he sees heirarch beings writing with a pen of flame all of his actions) ( in the past life his brother andy rushes into the room.) andy:the fallen ones are looking for must go ( cole leaves his house and gets in his jeep and escapes then he travels down the long road where he comes to a hill. there is two fields that broke like a fork and he saw a abandoned one story house on the left side of the field ) ( in the dimension cole lifts up the pen of fire from the parchment and the records opened and he took a glance at himself then he saw that his dimensional self was writing a book called "perception manipulations of civilizations" " there is positive life force and spiritual bliss and the negative life force cant be ruled out to keep this balance" ( cole sits on the couch in the abandoned house and he thought " i dont want to keep running" ( tears came from his eyes and he saw a woman tha t came from within the dimensions and she appeared also in his minds subconscious and the higher state of consciousness) ( this woman was comforting him by rubbing his right arm and the hand ) cole: what is your name. woman: i am ruthy. " you will soar like the eagle and you will fly like spirit " but in the past life records cole wrote down the truth behind perception manipulations and he wrote once a person is tapping into the intuitive energies ,that person creates the clear mind and they are open to the images of dimensional beings. the images are here in their mind and it is like a highly concentrated day dream or an actual dream... we  become what we reflect

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