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Love At First Sight

I was having girl trouble i was all alone,
My heart was broken, i didnt feel like going home.
So I was having a smoke up in the parking lot,
Sitting on the curb staring down at the same spot.
This car pulled up n' i notice u in the passenger seat,
Your beautiful looks sweapt me off my feet.
I seen it in your eyes, you were the gurl for me,
This feeling entered my body that we were meant to be.
I would of been a fool to let u get away,
If I did, i would of regreted it till this very day.
The next thing i know we were talking on the phone,
The next thing i know i was calling u my own.
You made such a difference in my life,
Im sick of all these one night stands, you da wifey type.
Im gald ur in my life, im glad we share this love,
I give all my thanxs to the great man up above.
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