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The battle line was drawn

The first section will be called Coles dream.There are two more soon to come out. (cole is in his bedroom laying on his bed ) (the clock that read 8 pm on the nightstand) he relaxed himself,and cole was thinking of the white light of protection. cole pictured it all around him like a blanket. he rolled over on his left side, and he was facing the clock and he drifted off to sleep. in this sleepstate the dreamworld took over to the dimension. a  strong energy force came in his apartment like waves of water toward his eye of insight. cole woke inside the dimension and he saw the place in which he stood. There was a sky above him and it had a hazzy appearance, and he looked all around him and there was little streams of clear water with electric currents huvered  above the top of the water.  cole started to walk around the streams of water and he went forward,and he saw bodies of men and women with huge cuts on their bodies and they were covered in blood. he lowered his head to take a glance at the ground below and within an instant he was pulled in a wormhole ( and when he woke up his eyes were blurry then they cleared up. He noticed he was standing on a white platform high in the air but there was no face wall, just a back wall and side walls that were white. cole walked toward the edge looking at the white light that was in this dimension-then the white light blinded him and when the light dimmed, he noticed he held onto the edge of the platform. cole put the end of the metal cross in his mouth to bite down by his teeth on the end. He turned his head and lowered his head to see what was below him- cole became terrified and he noticed he was losing his grip on the platform-within an instant his strength vanished and he began to fall. cole felt like he died and his eyes opened and he stood in a white tunnel.  a friendly-soothing voice spoke " come this way" and cole began walking forward feeling at ease. - then the same voice followed by other soothing voices- " come this way"  he listened with peace and followed the instruction, by moving quickly toward the light - as cole was coming closer toward the light,he was stopped to see a large black mass clashing against large white light -then the voices spoke again,but this time, the voices sounded demonic. the power and energy fields began to take control of coles mind and body movements and was pulling him toward the light. he tried to scream but no sound came out of his mouth, based on the energy fields paralyzing him.-- in coles bedroom the strong energy force vanished from the middle of his forehead for the  eye of insight and cole woke up  and sat up quickly from his bed and he was breathing heavy because of fear.  cole soon realized there was two forces that wanted him and he was directed by the pure beings into a life that was secret . ( next section 2 - there is an entity known as kulma giving cole nightmarish dreams and when he is awake there is nightmarish images  in his consciousness and this is the nightmarish sleepstate while your awake.)

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