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Please Forgive Me

" I have killed her for nothing, " cried Rahul, "OhGod, please forgive me."

He pointed the loaded gun at his head, with his finger ready to press the trigger. He wanted to be dead afterwhat he had done.

This was an unpardonable sin, which he realized only after committing it.

Rahul's father was the sole bread
earner In his family.

But he had passed away sometime
back. Rahul had to shoulder all the responsibilities of the family. At that time, he was quite young only16 or 17 years old.

He tried his best to make a living out of something or the other. But, he had failed miserably in whatsoeverhe had tried.

Finally, he decided to plunge into the underworld.

Even though it was a big risk. But there was big money. He and his mother could lead a luxurious life.

"Make sure you do this job tonight to get a place in my gang," Said Pithu, handing him a loaded pistol,
"And it is fully loaded, my boy." He added, lightinghis cigarette.

Pithu ruled the underworld in the city and his boys lead an opulent life. Of course, there was always the
danger of either being caught by the police or being shot dead by them in some encounter.

But, death was better than being caught. Atleast as Pithu promised to
take care of family members of the deceased.

Rahul picked up the gun and got to the place of themark.

He climbed the stairs and opened the door. The mark was seated in an armchair. He took out his gun and
pointed at her. But, his hand was trembling and he was sweating.

"Are you going to kill me?" asked the lady, looking up at him.

" y-e-s." He said, keeping the finger on the trigger of the gun.

"If you think that my death is going to do good to you, then go ahead and shoot!" She told him.

Suddenly, a black cat jumped through the window upon him and in fear he pressed the trigger of the gun and
the bullet rushed out of the gun and hit her.

Everything became silent. He went froward still trembling to see whether she was dead or not?

Suddenly, he tumbled upon a stool and fell down on the floor. Getting up, holding the arm of the chair,before him, he looked at her.

"Are you alright?" asked her voice.

"Are you alright?" He asked, surprised and shocked, "aren't you supposed to be dead, by now?"

"Yes, I am." Said the same voice, " I am only her soul speaking to you right now." Suddenly, there was a big knock on the main door and he went and opened it and found 'Anthya' standingoutside the door.

"Boss, has given you a loaded pistol, by mistake. He told me instruct you not to shoot the mark. You are in
already...what's the blood on your hand? Did you? Oh,my God!" He exclaimed.

"What have I done? I have killed her for nothing."Cried a stunned Rahul.

Anthya went away depressed for not being able to save a person's life. Rahul closed the door and bolted it.He sank down the chair.

"Please forgive me. Please mother." He said, looking at her corpse, pointed the gun at his head and pressed
the trigger.

As Anthya climbed down the stairs, he
heard the gun shot from upstairs.


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