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Oh how great the beauty be
To watch the wind blow through a tree
To see the flower rise from a bud
Or see a puppy play in the mud

To watch the clouds pass overhead
While lying on a grassy bed
To look with wonder and to see
The eagle high and flying free

Or to watch the water, the stream so blue
Cascade over those rocks for you
Working its long way to the sea
Into the ocean and then set free

Or climb up to the highest peak
Looking for the things you seek
Seeing the view out over all the land
Knowing for sure it was from His hand

Or watch a doe and her fawn
Eat their grass in the rays of dawn
And the swan with his neck so high
Or the beauty of a colorful butterfly

Then the baby born nice and pink
To our Father the perfect link
And when the cry is heard around
The perfection of nature has been found

Joseph Marvin McManus
2 February 2003
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