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The Season Of All Seasons

     The wind is blowing outside. Leaves are falling from the tree branches onto the ground. It is autumn and my favorite time of the year. I like the weather and all the change that takes place in the fall. I love the cooler temperature. Now that I am older I do not like extreme hot or cold. I tolerate Fall just fine. It has been in the 90's

and I am glad to see the summer heat finally ending. I hate heat waves and humidity. I like sleeping under a comforter and wearing cozy sleepwear. I enjoy and savor everything about Autumn. I wish the season would last forever. I also look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving. I enjoy cooking and entertaining and decorating for these holidays. Last year I cooked a goose for Thanksgiving and I made stuffed prunes on the side with a brown and wild rice dish and baked sweet potatoes and sauteed a vegetable. I made an apple pie free form to have with coffee for dessert. For Halloween I baked a sausage in a crust and made it look like a snake. I made potato salad and baked beans to go with it. I sliced the snake in slices and served it with Dijon mustard. I also made a vegetable platter with dipping sauces. I served spiced apple cider for a beverage. We had pumpkin custards for dessert. I did a lot of decorating and had a small party. Jim was off. Jim is my best friend and companion. He was there and my family pet, Pepper. I can't say enough about Fall. It is my favorite time of the year. This year I am starting to plan for the holidays and am still deciding what I will do. I will have a good time. I am sure of that. I will write and tell you how I spend it and keep you posted.





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