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our world

I wish you could see what my heart feels,
what is pushed down so deep inside.
what takes my heart away, and yet makes me scared.

why do I run? why should I stay.

what is it that makes me want to cry?
why do I hold it and force it down deeper inside.

why is my life so... barren.
why does it feel so empty, so dry.
so full of.... nothing. yet too full of pain.
I waited so long that there is nowhere to hide
from all this pain and misery I feel inside.
Flustered by the world and what keeps me hidden,
and all that makes me feel berated.

My thoughts are scattered and usually lost with time...

They passed me around like a cheap hat not even thinking of the aftermath.
I was creased and dented before the night was through
a memory that will pass no time soon.
The pain, it still remains, and at times drives me quite insane.
You see the body can revert from almost any change,
but the mind is forever indelibly stained.

Now it is no longer possible to tell which I hate more,
the world that seems to keep knocking me down
or just.... me for letting it.

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