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The Deployment of the imperial guard!!!!!!!!

The Deployment of the imperial guard

The imperial guard were an army from cadia.

Cadia is a world inside of the eye of terror where races across the universe have their own worlds.

Ursarker.E.Creed is the general of the imperial guard army. He is the most powerful general ever to rue the imperial guard nothing has gone wrong since he took over as general he is fierce and war hungry and will join any war he can.

When Ursarker.E.Creed heard the army of the eye of terror is starting he immediately gathered up his troops with their finest army and guns laid out for them. The imperial guard army was built up mainly by cadians general troops of cadia, but also had command hq teams and specialist weapon teams. The imperial guard are known for their huge mass in units and deadly tanks The Leman Russ Tanks the most powerful tanks in the eye of terror.

The imperial guard were ready to deploy into the eye of terror when !!!!!!!BANG!!!!!!! Chaos an almighty army of chaos space marines, demon princes and khorne berserkers attacked cadia. The chaos army were destroying the imperial guard until mass units of cadians trapped them at either end the cadians firing thousands of bullets a minute hitting the chaos space marines. The leman Russ tanks then stepped in letting off rockets hitting on demon princess’s and destroying units of the chaos space marines.

Ursarker.E.Creed picked up a lascannon charging it to its full and firing it at the giant chaos defiler (the defiler was a huge like spider like machine) the defiler blew up into the air and crashing back down with an almighty thud. Finally the chaos space marines were destroyed with few escaping.

The imperial guard checked every enemy unit if it wasn’t dead it soon would be. It was another victory for Ursarker.E.Creed who stood on a very tall rock with his gun pointing up into the eye of terror.

“the war of eye of terror has just begun but the victory will be ours”!!!

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