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Apr 24, 2002


We are told one thing one day, next day another. First there's nothing to worry about, but then it may get worse. What can we believe and who do we trust? I hope you haven't spent all your tax rebite because you'll need a down payment on the years ahead. That is if you have a job!

The president has said that the first two US solders
killed in Paskistan knew what we are fighting for.
What a tragedy. Now the only two men that knew what
we are fighting for were killed before they could
tell someone else their well kept secret. I've
heard so many different reasons why, from so many
different people now that I've come to the
conclusion that no one really knows.

What a minute,I just remembered a few things.Please
forgive me, but you see I don't think that we
started this as much as I think we didn't finish
it when we had the chance to. Bear with me as I
try and explain why I think this.

I truly believe that there's something here that
we have forgotten about. And I'm not so sure that
some VIP people that forgot with us can get a
handle on this war right now. 'They', may have
bitten off more than 'We' can chew. It has been
a long time coming, and could be longer before
it's gone. The powers,in this 'first war in the
21st century,' seem to be at a loss as to what
to do next. But: there's nothing to worry about
folks, the FBI/CIA are on the job. Why should
that worry me? ;(

Understand that the CIA left the Al Queda/Taliban
in power when we pulled out of Afghanistan after
our then enemy, now our friends, the Russians, were
defeated. Damn Russkies were trying to stabilize
the place. And they might have, if not for us.
Both sides left a lot of war toys behind.
The Taliban and Osama bin Ladin were trained by
the CIA, not just to use those toys, but they got
their PH.D in terrorism while the CIA was teaching

I'm not going into all the other times the CIA
has done this, but, 9/11/1973, Chile. The military
lead by Gen. Pinochet, backed by the CIA,
assassinated the duly elected President of Chile
Miguel Allende, a socialist, and took control of
the Chilean government. Thousands were killed,
not instantly like the WTC, but tortured to death.
The CIAs reasoning was that Allende was getting too friendly
with 'Fidel Castro.' I'll say no more.
(I'm to old to die young.)

When I called my travel agent yesterday she asked
me where I would I like to go? I answered "Back, back
to 9/10/01. Before the infamous wake up call of
9-1-1-collect. All the big news back then was about
what's his name, and that intern girl who
told her aunt she knew about something big that
was going to happen soon, and now she's missing.
(Did they ever find her?)

Back at 9/10/01 the news, that we get so tired of,
yet can't help but watch, was giving us a good look
at how Washington DDC., a.k.a, Duh-Capitol, and,
or, Doe-Capitol, 'really works' these days. Remember?

There were panty parties in the oval office, missing
interns, men in power abusing and misusing, while using
their station of power to seduce the naive, young and
old alike to get elected. And big money's everwhere
on both sidse and in the middle. Back in 9/10/01: some
Enron investors, workers were rich. The FBI/CIA guys were
busy investigating themselves. Trying to figure out who
among them was selling secrets to the enemy as
law-makers pondered taking God out of the bible so
it would be a more proper reading for those that
don't believe in God nor the bible.
(those are facts folks, look it up)

Kickbacks from the IRS didn't boost anyones ratings
much, and taking a few billion from social security
didn't set well with those who were paying attention
to the,'read my lips' clause. Now, how much more $$
will be taken out of social security before this is
over? How do we pay for a war, pass out billions in
bail-outs, keep the economy afloat, and cutt taxes
all at the same time? Sounds to me like someone in
Duh-Capitol never had to go fishing because they was
hungry. Doe!

On 9/10/01 the economy had already hit the floor
on it's way to the basement, shovel in hand.
Then 9/11, and in about as long as it takes to say,
"Praise be to Allah," everything changed for the
worse. It was like a poke in the eye with a sharp
stick, and we began to see things differently.
Our president has now called our nation to war,
and righfully so, but not 'just' war. He declared
war at 'no quarters.' Ask no quaters and give none.
Do you know what that means?

Now we get back to DDC, Duh-Doe Capitol.
Don't get me wrong here. I voted for um
myself, some of um twice! I just have a
strong feeling that they have no idea what
the hell they're talking about right now.
First, I was told that someone in Florida had
anthrax, but not to worry, he got it because
he likes the outdoors. That worried me somewhat
because I like it out there myself. After this
first man died from anthrax, I was told that
the stuff was low grade, and besides there's
no way to deliever anthrax to such a large
nation as ours. The FBI/CIA, were out there
covering all the cropdusting airports.

What a Duh-Doe thing to say after anthrax had
just been delivered by our postal service that
can cover this large nation of ours, 'overnight.'
Well, Duh, and not by cropdusters, and DOE! The DDC,
Doe-boys, in Duh-Capitol, said that all this
would not stop them from going to work, just
as soon as they get back next Monday, or maybe
Tuesday, or as soon as it's safe, or we may
have to move first. But safe for whom, and
for how long, and can I move with you???

We were all assured that this low grade death
by mail was an isolated case, and may 'not' have
been sent by the same terrorists that pulled off
the WTC attacks. Just because they happened on
the same day, from the same location, with the
same return address, with the same purpose,
doesn't mean it's the same evildoers, right? Duh!

Then another isolated case showed up in the
News mailroom of Dan Rather and NY Post. What
better way to get their word out,'that you are
under attack?' Again we were assured that these
not so isolated cases were nothing to worry
about,the FBI/CIA is on the case. Then when
anthrax was delivered, via hand held mail, to
senator Dashle's office, someone suggested that
maybe these are not just isolated cases after
all, and you can't get this shit on the streets
Dashle. Well, Duh. Or can you? Doe!

Now these isolated cases are everywhere, and
who was it that assured me that anthrax couldn't
get out of a closed,sealed, envelope. Guess what?
'DUH AND DOE!' I think the faceless enemy has
found a way to spread their war to everyone
with an address where mail is delivered.

If I can figure this out all by myself, maybe
I should be in Washington DDC. Why not? I can
Duh and Doe with the best of 'um! No shit Batman!

I don't want to sound like I'm afraid, a.k.a.
chicken-shit, but wouldn't it have been more
prudent to check all our major postal centers,
and clean up those whizzing machines before others
were infected? The FBI strung up their yellow tape
around those crime scene whizzing machines while
our postal workers were told to go back to work.
Is this anthrax so smart that it knows not to
cross the line over that yellow tape? Doe!
The Postmaster General asked for 5 billion dollars
to check and clean up all major postal centers
as a tape recording was played of one of the first
postal workers to die from inhalation anthrax.
The man had handled the mail going to Duh-Capitol
and feared he had contracted anthrax. He was told
not to worry, anthrax can't get out of a sealed
envelop, and he didn't need antibiotics.
15 hours later the man died.

The 'few' that we were told had been exposed
to anthrax now number '30 thousand,' and we are
just going into the sixth month of a, projected,
long war in the 21st century. Also projected, is
that there may be as many casualties at home than

(We may now see more young men going south
of the border to Mexico, hiding, than had been
coming north of the border, working.)

The conflicting/confusing/conjectures coming from
our leaders on Duh-Doe-Capitol-Hill, appear to
be aiding the evil-doers more than it has quelled
our fears. Case in point, Cuba/Fidel Castro.
For over 40 years Castro has been the post boy
of evildoers. 40 years of our embargo left
Castro's Cuba tattered, torn, bloodied but unbowed.
The long infamous history of the, not so, secret
war between the CIA and Castro, has kept Hollywood
happy, and Miami/South FL, busy as the port of entry
for Cuban refugees all these years. The CIA's rational
now is 'Castro is old and won't last much longer.'
In other words 'What they couldn't do when Castro
was alive they hope to do when he's dead.'
I wouldn't bet on that folks. History has a long

Now Cuba is not in the loop of the Evil Axis
of Evildoers as we sort out the Evildoers
from POWs. Fidel's Cuba has laws that permit trial
by Military Tribunal, and a place out back where
the sentence is carried out. The court room is in
good shape too. It hasn't been used since the
Bay-Of-Pigs. If the evildoers were on USA soil
they might have some rights they don't need. Right?
It is now time to pull together and fight this war
on our home front. We shall now do things that we
haven't done in age's, like 'Think for ourselves.'
May God have mercy.

We must now put our trust in the ones who got us
into this war to get us out, eventually. But then,
who else can we trust? Ourselves? And for how long
must we be patient while the Duh-Doe boys learn
how to fight the evildoers? A plane comes apart at
the seams in the air, just hours after a major over
haul, and no one can find anything suspicious?

Now, when our president declared war on those
Evildoers,in the 'Axis of Evil,' he called for
war at no quarters.That means to the death. No
quarter, no surrender, no prisoners, the flag is
up-side down. Now that seemed fitting at the time,
but if it should turn out that we are the ones
calling for quarter, then what? The senseless
brutal kidnap/murder of Daniel Pearl is what war
with no quarter given is all about folks. It rattles my
brain and sickens my heart. Daniel Pearl was a good
man in search of the truth, and in a morbid way he
found it. And the truth is, 'this is not going to
be pretty.' What will happen if all reporters are
barred from the area? (if so they can start with

Maybe we should rethink this call to war, with no
quarter given, If not for yourself, then do it for me,and all my possibilities to have unborn children. Doe!

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