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Oct 9, 2001


I've never seen such giving as this. Little kids giving their allowance, a little old lady giving up ten dollars out of her SSI. And it's not just money either, Some are giving from the heart literally, blood, kidneys, corneas as the dead keep the living alive.

We are a nation like no other when it comes
to giving, and we, as a nation, are the
emotional givers. Money comes from people that
have it, and those that give up a little something
in the giving. In this swell of emotional giving
I've seen kids giving up their allowance, and a
panhandler that hit on a dollar then gave up
50 cents to a man in a firemans hat collecting

We give money, clothes, blankets, food and blood.
I know a little old lady, Nel 81, living on
social security of less than a thousand a
month, and she gave ten dollars. I was so
touched, some say in the head, that I gave
Nel ten out of my pocket to make up for her
loss, and she put that in the giving pot too.

Before 9/11/01, a.k.a. 911, our nations blood
banks were near bankruptcy, over drawn at the
blood bank was not a joke. Before that date one
could sell their blood for top dollar, don't ask
me how I know. Today I had to make an appointment
to give it away. This is not the blood bath our
enemy had hoped for. But if that turd in the turban
pulls off another one, like the WTC, the act of
giving more may not be enough. With all this giving
I'd like to know if what's been given so far is enough.

Our nation is well known for giving, also for our
approach of smother it in money and it will get
fixed, if not fixed then pour in some more money.
Our man of the hour GW-B, has already had to do
what he said he wouldn't do, and that was
'take money from social security.' That sounded
good until he said, 'unless of course.' His father
said the same about lip reading and taxes, but this
time it's different. Isn't it always? This time it's
war in the 21st century, and wars cost money.
The longer the war the more the money. Well, duh.

So now we are waging the best war money can buy, and
who is paying for this war? We the people. If 911
was the first day of this 'War On Terror,' and if it
is going to be a long war, then just how much giving
is going to be enough? Are we to give til it's all
gone? Our faceless enemy of terror brought the war
from their front yard to our back yard as a 911 wake
up call, and it was costly. The cost of lives was near
unbearable, the cost of money staggering, the price of
war in the 21st century runs high, and we must keep
in mind that this is just the begining.

I'll never forget what's his name when he said
something I can't recall, but it went something
like this: 'a few billion here, a few billion there,
and before you know it you're talking big money.'
War in the 1800s Millions, war in the 1900s billions,
war in 2000 trillions. Bombs, bullets, and bullies
cost money, and it's an industry that president Eisenhower
forewarned us about: The Industrial Military Complex.
Now heres an idea why not close all the military industry
all over the world? No, I'm not high on ecstasy. That
was a pun, not a very punny pun, but of course a pun.
If we closed all military industries no one would have a job.

The war toy's industry is running wild.

If there is more to come, and I'm sure there will be,
how much giving is going to be enough? If the cost of
life was near unbearable how much more will it take
before it 'is' unbearable? If the cost in moneys was
staggering how much 'more' will it take before this is
over, or will it be over when we go broke? That should
sell some news papers:
By then poor little Nel's social security will be gone.

The big QUESTIONS are, 'How will this end? When?
And for how much?'

Giving in good times, giving in hard times. Now it's
giving in war times, and more may not be enough.

Contributed by:
T.F. Shirley
[email protected]

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