Simone | By: Amy Sullivan | | Category: Short Story - Friendship Bookmark and Share


Life is filled with Godís beauty

The everyday beauty which surrounds us

And the pure beauties in a friend like you

The warmth in your smile

The compassion in your eyes

The invisible wings on your back

Godís angels surround us

An angel for each one of us

Invisible only to our lack of faith

The purity of Godís character is portrayed through friendship

Painting a masterpiece of angels

Composing a symphony of love

Every life is a portrait of God Himself

But those with wings are a constant echo of His love

Those like you

You reached out to me

Touched my heart and took my hand

Entwining our lives forever

The path through life is one I could never walk without you

You have touched my life in so many ways

My angel and best friend

The bond created is indescribable

Your meaning to me is unexplainable

But without you I would be nothing

As life fades to dust

Forever in my heart you shall remain

Our unbreakable friendship everlasting

Trough our words and memories

We will dance hand in hand for all eternity

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