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Parallel thoughts

It's like I will just be sitting there and see someone and there will be a sniplet of their life runs through my mind. Like there is this guy walks into McDonalds with his two sons. He is a lawyer and answers his cell. I hear bits of the conversation. Something about sending a file by email and he will get back to the person in the morning. He says he understands and then he is talking with his sons. That's how I know he's a lawyer. And how he stands all the time and his suit and how he talks. Well anyway after a bit he says I'll be right back. He goes to the restroom and in my mind's eye I see him go in there, pull out a gun and blow his brains out. The shot sounds so loud and I find myself in the restroom looking at the body. A bloody hole in the side of his head. His legs streach, shake, and relax. I hear, no feel the sons come up behind me, then, well it is gone. Of course it didn't happen. He came back and left with his sons. But where did that thought come from? Was it just another possibility among many? Why me and how do I receive these messages? Or is it nothing at all.
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