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It was another lonely weeknight. I was alone in my dark and dreary house on the other side of town. The town I grew up and lived in was small. Maybe a few hundred people lived there. It has one church, a town hall, and a nuclear plant. That’s the only thing strange about this town. My parents have always worked the night shift at the old nuclear plant across town. The factory was a very old building. Some rooms smelled musty and old, and looked run down. I didn’t feel safe with my parents in there. While they were at the plant, I was all alone, no one really to talk to, besides a couple of my friends. Everyone else was off at their jobs making money, something I had little of. Sitting at home, I watched T.V. and listened to Linkin Park or some other group like that. You would think I was having just another ordinary night, but this night was different. This is the night when it all started.
There was a loud pop in the backdrop of my blaring T.V. Turning up the T.V., I ignored it and went on watching basketball. About thirty minutes later, a glass item fell in my basement and crashed to the ground. I went down to see what happened and I came upon them. They were strange, deformed, and mutated. Parts of their bodies were weapons. Their flesh smelled of rotten egg or melted flesh. Body parts were changed and they had more of them. When they started after me, I bolted out of my basement to my parents’ master bedroom for my dad’s 12-gauge shotgun. I grabbed a couple of rounds and ran back to blow those suckers away. When I got back down to the basement nothing was there. A box of old clothes fell behind me and there they were. I started shooting. After all the shots were gone and mutants were still standing I ran to the garage for my Louisville Slugger and swung away. Mutant guts splattered all over the walls. Not the greatest sight to see. Globs of green slime was oozing down the walls of my house. Some of it was in chunks and stayed put on the walls for the time being. Before I could think about all of the events, I was interrupted by three men who busted into my house, through the windows. The men said they were from the FBI and were taking me to a safe haven. It was just in time too, more of those mutated freaks broke in. “ Sir what were those things?”, I asked.
The agent replied, “ The nuclear reactor combusted and all the workers had a “reaction” to the chemicals emitted from the reactor. You must help us stop it. We saw what you can do. With the help of two other boys and a squad of hundreds we can stop it before it spreads.”
The agent pointed out a heavily guarded building. That was where we were I was going to stay in and train to fight the mutants. When we got into the building the agent showed me the other two boys involved in the mission. They were my two closest friends Ryan and Kyle. For the rest of the night we went through tons of procedures and learned how to use the hundreds of different guns. That night I had nightmare after nightmare, seeing the reactor breakdown, changing everyone. We got up every morning at 5 o’clock and ran 5 miles. Then we would do basic drills. The facilities were top of the line. What scared me the most was seeing my parents and brother change. My dad became stronger and bigger. My brother’s flesh melted. My mom just completely melted into a puddle of silver goo. It was very disturbing.
I got maybe an hour of sleep. The next day was a drag. I was always behind schedule, falling a sleep on the spot. When it was time to go in to eliminate the problem, they gave me a shot of adrenaline to wake me up and give me some energy. It made me hyped and ready to go. I started to shake vigorously, loading into the truck with my 2 M-16s and 2 pistols. Hopefully the shaking would wear off before I went in. Indeed it did. The ride there was very rough. The dirt road path caused bump after bump on the journey. My stomach didn’t like that, and my lunch went all over the floor of the truck. We arrived thirty minutes later to a gate entrance. The mutants seemed more intelligent than we thought. They had placed two guards at every focal entrance. The guards weren’t a match for our snipers. The guards were taken out in one shot to the head. Most of us loaded back up into the trucks, while others watched our backs, and went in. The building didn’t look any different on the outside, still old and dirty. Slowly we went into the first room, it used to be a management office. We turned over desks and other furniture, preparing to fight. Before the lights started to flicker and go off, I noticed that the walls were covered in ooze and hardened green slime, in intricate patterns.
We were left in complete darkness until the lights flickered back on. Many of the men were startled to see the horrid beast standing there waiting to fight. There were thousands of them. More than I thought worked at the plant. “ If they move fire!” ordered General Ford from the safety of the stronghold. As he gave that order our freakish fiends let out a shirking yell and charged. The front line let out a ton of lead on those beasts while men behind them shot grenades from their launchers. That did a good job on their “men” but the leader gave a yell and hundreds more came. Those things kept coming and coming, so we had to retreat. From what I could see the battlefield was bloody. Bodies everywhere the eye could see. The red of blood covered the office room. Some of our men including Sergeant Michael, Kyle, and I were captured by the freakish hoard. I kept yelling, “Help! Help!” But no one listened and kept on running away, back to the stronghold. They took us to this underground cave to keep us there. Later that day, a guard pointed to me so I walked out. He slammed the door behind me and knocked me out with a large metal pole. Black is all I could see.
Back at the haven the marines were regrouping, getting ready to go back in. A majority vote decided they would rest and go back tomorrow. They went over new tactics. They would sneak in and surprise the hordish beasts.
When I awoke from what felt like an eternity of sleep, I found myself in a large, black, reclined chair, strapped down. There was some sort of glowing green ooze above my head. It looked like the stuff on the walls of my house. A few other soldiers were also in chairs but still were not awake. A strange but recognizable voice was heard behind me. It was dad or what was left of him. I could tell it was him because his voice was raspy. That’s how I always determined it was him. If got that way because he smoked when I was little. He told me what he was going to do to me and the rest captured. His words were, “ I am going to make you like me and you will be apart of my army.” Right as he was about to pull the lever and dump the ooze upon my fellow comrades and me a guard came in with a hole in his neck.
He said, softly, “ They got out.” He fell to the ground and standing behind him were 4 marines with M16’s. They let go on the guards. It was all too easy. My “father” in all the bloodshed ran away. A marine was about to go after him.
I stopped him and said, “ No I want to deal with him. You got any extra?” He nodded and gave me two pistols and I went off. I entered a dark room and was hit in the stomach immediately by a metal bar. I fell to the ground in shear pain. Stumbling, I got up slowly and turned on the lights. Standing in front of me was my father. I was standing face to face with the monster that he was. He jabbed me in the face and made me soar through the air. I struggled, yet again, to get up and my father walked over and picked me up. He hurled me through the wall into the next room. He quickly picked me up to show me his queen. I wasn’t surprised that his queen wasn’t my mother; it was someone else I didn’t recognize. His queen was melted and very round in the stomach area. She was “pregnant” getting ready to spread and start a new army.
“ I’d like you to meet my queen. My queen leave now. Go to the shelter to resist the devastation of the explosion. They are going to use a bomb to demolish this building. You know, son, you have no chance to stop this. I am stronger than you, you can’t stop me. I will cause this to spread until the world is under my control.”
“ You know dad this didn’t make you invincible.” A gun shot. My dad walked back holding his stomach.
“ Why did you do this to me?”
“ Cause you aren’t my father, you’re a monster.” Two more shots range out. One to his head and one to my thigh. The monster fell to the ground, as did I. The only difference was that he was dead. Right after that, two marines came in to get me out of the plant. They put my arms on their shoulders and we left. We got out just in time; a few minutes later the bomb in the plant blew.
I went to the leader of our group and said, “ You know this isn’t over, right?” He nodded and walked back to the truck.
I moved into a new house after that. If was just like my old house but a little bit bigger. After a month of living there the phone rang throughout the house. I ran to pick it up. It was the FBI, we were back in action. I couldn’t believe it but it’s my duty to fight and I will.
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