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The World Of Combat






Well this story started off in the late 60’s and early 70’s when America was sent to fight in Vietnam I can say the battle was not pretty. If I was a soldier, I could probably tell you more. Well take that back, I was in that war and I was ranked sergeant 1st class. And I was on my way to becoming a drill sergeant as well! I was partners with lieutenant Brad Edwards. He was my best friend in this terrible tragedy, and by the way, my name is… Sergeant Peter Rodgers and I was a very hard working officer. Well tell you the truth me and Brad Edwards grew up in the same town, we even went to the same school throughout our childhood.   Now, back to the introduction of my amazing story and book as well!


These two outstanding soldiers played a very good part throughout the entire book. Other amazing characters were Major Robert Styles, Capt. John Abraham Senior, the pilots Private James Johnson and Private Billy-Henderson.


Major Robert Styles was a war veteran military officer with Special Forces and a teacher who taught ROTC at Hunter Military School. He was pretty good at it. He won teacher of the year ten years in a row.


Capt. John Abraham was a captain in the U.S Navy in the submarine Williams F-15. It could go as fast as all the other nuclear submarines as well! At the time submarines were not a fast as ours today.


The most important characters of this amazing story were the pilots, Private James Johnson, a very dedicated officer in the U.S military, and Billy Henderson. Private James Johnson led the Eagle Squad all through Vietnam and also won a Medal of Honor award. Private Billy Henderson flew in World War 2 and Vietnam as well! Both pilots were the top dogs of this operation. They held this book down.


It was not an easy war between the Second World War and the war in Vietnam. As the story moves on, you will learn history on both sides of the battlefield and remember who died for us as a nation to have freedom.


Thank you, all of my readers for choosing this fantastic book. I hope that you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. God bless you.














I dedicate this book, to my loving family,

Mom, Dad, Calvin, Danielle, Braxton, and so on

For taking me in as your son and making me feel welcome.

Thank you, And God Bless you.

Thank you, Charles Morehouse










June 5th 1954

South Pacific Ocean

1700 hrs.

Well captain... what, Sir we have a big storm approaching us in 1100 hrs. Damn … drive our ship the opposite direction at 32 knots. Sir yes, Sir. (Major Hiller salutes Capt. Tan Seals) well as they headed back to the sea deck. They knew that if they did not smoothly turn the aircraft carrier around they might get stuck in that terrible storm. Move…. Turn the wheel …. Gentlemen … speed up the engine …now….

Then as the people in the engine room below the ship. You heard the man. Speed up the engines … yes, Sir as the men speeded the engine from 23 Knots to 32 Knots. Good job…. Sam. Not bad... Not bad at all. Then as the Sea men went to their huts where they laid their head. Then as they were headed to their hut. They were stopped by Capt. Fred Davis. Attention. Bu Face. Meet me in the captain’s nest in twenty minutes... yes, sir

As Capt. Davis left, he was surprised.


June 5th 1954

South Pacific Ocean

1720 hrs

Captains Nest


Come in…. Soldier... as Private. Samuel Adams approached Capt. Tan Seals. He begins to become scared like he was in front of a terrifying terrorist, who is prepared to kill him.

Take a seat... yes, Sir. As he took a seat he was shown a record of upcoming terrorist attacks. , Sir what? I am asking as your commanding officer to accept a mission to go with the Special Forces to South Korea. I’m honored …so I’ll see you on the next flight –

Tomorrow mourning. (Private Adams salutes Capt. Seals) as he left her office and was heading back to his room. Then he was stopped and bumped into his roommate. His name was Lieutenant Reggie Ewe. Well look at us got good old Private Adams. Yeah….you can say it again. Watt up cousin…. What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Well it means a lot... you are a stupid retarded fuck… I heard you are leaving to fight in the war. Hell yeah… I am. I forgot you’re too damn scared to fight in the war. Yeah….
what you got to say? As Lieutenant Ewe walks off with fear in his heart. Knowing he was afraid of the truth. Yeah… run little bitch…

Seaman Room Deck
USS. Mandela.

8:00 P.M


Well home sweet home... as he fell on   his military cot. It felt like he was falling from a huge mountain but instead of landing on the ground he fell on a big soft cotton bed.
(Radio pages) come in? We have a situation on our hands, Capt. Wants you all on the airfield. 10/4 (Private Adams puts down his radio) he went and put on his uniform and heads to the airfield. As he took the stairs to the upper deck to the airfield. Shit…what …

What’s up Captain? Well … well what?  The war in South Korea might have started early. What…grab your gear and head over there… you got to be kidding? No…………..
Yes, Sir I am on my way. As he went to the weapon Unit... he was ready to kill all those Korean bastards. As he loaded up and boarded The SSS Tomcat he was scared leaving the people who loved and cared for him was kind of hard... Well as he started up the engine and prepared for lift off………………………….
well minutes later he was in the air. Eagles 411 come in?  10/4 I feeling good up here.
We have you on the radar. How far am I from enemy territory? Minus 2 minutes. As he grew closer he had his right hand on the trigger. He was ready to take a motherfucker out.

   Seoul capital of South Korea    
   10:00 P.M

10/4 I am seconds from the capital of South Korea. Where are my major targets? Come back? Where are my major military targets? I am looking at the radar and you are seconds from approaching the first target. 10/4 …as he was approaching Seoul the capital of South Korea. Eagle 255 missiles #1 release (Private Adams launches a missile) as the missile lands 700 yards went into flames. As he approached his second military target he pushed the missile release button he begins to shake. Fuck … Then he decided to release a tomahawk missile aiming at the President’s residents. Then as he pushed the button and seconds after the missile was released and as the missile struck the 3 story mansion, tearing it to shreds. Piece by piece landing all over the ground at 3,000 square miles apart.  Shit….. Then as he turned around. He was sworn by a group of Korean S- Bombers. Fuck….10/4 over me I am   being chased by Korean airmen’s. Rodger that. Then as he swerved around and got in position and begins firing at each of their gas tanks so he could blow them up and he can get away. 10/4 I think I got them. Then as he heard an explosion from the back of his aircraft. Fuck…10/4 I’m hit .I’m hit…… and I am going down. I’m hit and I repeat I am going down. Then as he crashed into Mediterranean Sea.
Three hours went by... but no backup arrived. Then as the young soldier try to get out and begins to swim to shore.  Then was picked up by a French fisherman. He was amazed what he saw. He was a French war veteran.  Well as he took him in and took him to his house. As he was carried to the French man’s house. He was treated like family.

Two days later….


United States Of America
Office of the secretary of defense
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20500-0004


Well as the 1st class Lieutenant Sergeant James Conyers walks into the sectary of defense Peter Roberson‘s office and handed a piece of paper to him. What the hell is this?  , sir it is a document saying we will be going to war against South Korea. We lost over 700 men last week.  Well we will have a discussion face to face with the president himself. Ok… as he walked out of his office he begins to have flashbacks on the people dying right before his eyes. Then he immediately rushed to his boss... Then as he gently knocked -
on Commander LJ Finley’s door. Lieutenant Conyers   please come in. Lieutenant Sergeant Conyers, reporting, Sir.  Son sit. As he took a seat. What can I do for you? I have a feeling that we should take South Korea to war. Why? , sir with all respect and honor for this great country. We….we should what? , sir we lost over a dozen of our best men. I totally understand. I will have a word with the president and the secretary of defense and I will make sure you lead your own men into a battle we will win. Yes, sir
as he walked out of his office with greed and happiness and victory in his soul.  Well as he made his way back towards the elevator and went to the bottom floor and hopped into his Black and Gold 1955 Chevy. Well life is good. Then cranked it up and drove off. As he entered the main highway. He rode all the way to the second exit. As he begin to turn onto exit 105 and slowed down. Damn….I better hurry up I’m running low on gas. Then-
Then when he begins to look for a gas station, as the light begins to turn green he saw a BP gas station across from McDonalds. Well there’s one… then as he swerved into the gas station. Then he slowly pulled into the self serve gas attendant. As he got out of his car to grab a coke. Sir how much do I owe you? About ten bucks. Then the soldier reached in his wallet and grabbed a twenty dollar bill. Then as he handed the man the money the attendant handed the soldier a hundred dollar bill.  Thank you ….  No problem. Then as the soldier hopped in his car. As he started it and put it in reverse.
Shit…. As the soldier then drove out of the Gas Station. Then as he pulled out of the gas station he was flagged by Washington Police. As he was pulled over he begins to become nervous. 

Well as Deputy Carl Thomas, the officer who flagged him. (The Deputy approaches the military officer’s car) let me see your license please? Yes, sir as he handed his licenses to the deputy. Son you know you were speeding? No... Well   I see you are in the military?
Yes, sir. Well... I am going to cut you some slack. Because you are defending my home which is the U.S. so….just go on...And remember to slow down a little bit … Alright…then as the officer begin to head on… shit that was a close one… …….

(Capt. Frankie Penn...Drives off, while grabbing his radio) 10/4 come in... (Radio pages back) yeah... what’s your problem? I just want you to know that I am on my way….10/4 we will be standing by…. (Capt. Frankie Penn puts down the radio) shit I hope they don’t find out that I got pulled over by a cop... Shit why am I worrying about that fucking nonsense .as Capt. Frankie Penn. Well as he pulled into the entrance of the white house he was stopped by security. (Sergeant Willie Patterson} may I see your Military I.D?  Yes, sir... You can... (Capt. Frankie Penn hands the security guard his Military I.D) well hello captain... Hello! So how is your mother? Good… and how is your career going on? What do you mean? How long before you retire? 12 years... well here is your I.D card) Sergeant Patterson hands him back his card) well the president is expecting you. Peace….
as the soldier drives into the gates and parks his vehicle . Well here I am… The White House. About to meet with president L. Myers and his campaign. He now walks up the rail and scans his military key and opens the door of the white House. As he walked in he was led to the meeting conference where the president was seated. Well Capt. Frankie Penn. Yeah. You’re being honored by the president. I’m nervous. Don’t be... ok...just be yourself. Just how you did in deep depression. Ok! Then as he opened the door he was greeted by all the chief and staff. The president as well! Hello son. I’m good. Well you want some wine? Sure   Champaign? No thank you. Ok…. Well take a seat. Ok... as Capt. Frankie Penn took his seat he was thrown all types of missions for the years to come. What?  Son we have a war happening next year in Cuba...Well here is a map...









Well the war will start in Las tunas. So you want me to gather some troops to meet at Moody Air force base   in Valdosta Georgia? Yes...Why yes... Well I will have my own men .Capt. Frankie Penn... We make the orders around here... ok...  well I will do it...
So how long do we got? 24hrs. ok… I’ll make some phone calls. Yes, sir well here is Valdosta Georgia...The Azalea city. Well here is a map of this great city, and which these dedicated soldiers will be stationed at Moody Air force











Well as the soldiers were imperially rushed to Moody to train for war. I would say that this mission and training was easy. I could say that they were doing their job, which is serving and protecting this beautiful country.

Moody Air Force Base
Main Office
1700 hrs...

Well as the soldiers arrived at base. The were bold, brave and scared. As the military bus stopped in front of the entrance. What the hell?  General…. What? Why are we here? Don’t question. Just follow me... then as the men and woman exited the bus and followed General Stacy Payton, then as they entered a big room and all sorts of computers surrounded them. As general ran to the room as fast as she can. Don’t touch anything. Well how was your vacation? Nice...what’s up Admiral Mark Jackson…? Cool... Always and is never going to change as long as I am in uniform. Well that’s a good attitude...
well gentlemen we are expecting the president himself... for. Real..!  Yeah! So what are we here for? Son... does this county you represent anything or anything, anytime you are expecting to enter the battlefield. Does it mean anything to you? Yes, sir, sir what? , sir yes, Sir well stand straight on your ass and give me fifty pushups. Alright… then as he got on the ground and did the fifty. (Radio pages General Stacy Payton) 10/4 come in…
come back... the president is landing... 10/4 ---------------------------------------------------
Gentlemen the president is here... on grounds.  Alright! So remain in your seats and afterwards I was told to train you on the battlefield. Ok! (All the soldiers saluted General Stacy Payton and took their seats) well soon after the president was just beginning to enter the room which we were sitting in oh….president Jimmy Johnson 2nd ….. General Payton...How is life treating you? Good Mr. President... well these young men and women must be the soldiers we sending to fight in Cuba? Yes.., Sir   Mr. President.
Hey gentlemen, I’m President Jimmy Johnson 2nd   so how are you‘ll doing today? Well make yourself at home and in the other room there is some food and drinks. Ok…
as the soldiers went to the other room and busted their stomachs.


Soon after….


The meeting between President Johnson 2nd and General Stacy Payton was over. They then walked and grabbed the keys to the weapons hanger. Come on… gentlemen we going to practice with the sniper rifles and hit some targets.  Yes.., sir   as the soldiers followed General Stacy Payton to the hanger where the aircrafts and weapons in general were kept. Well gentlemen grab a sniper rifle from the lower cabinets. Then I want you to also grab some ammo as well! As the soldiers grabbed their weapon and some ammo, then begin shooting some long and short distance targets.


One hour later…..

Gentlemen... Follow me to the aircrafts … Yes, Sir then they were on their way to the hanger two miles from where they were before, --------------------------------------------
as they approached the hanger. All the soldiers saw were the First jets to ever be made.

The F-86 Sabers A-10 Thunderbolt 11 these military aircrafts were the first aviation military to be flew. Wow…. So we are going to fly those things? Yeah… that’s it…
when are we going to test fly them?  In ten minutes.  Can I be first? There are about a thousand of them so find one and begin your training. Yes. Sir. Now...Move... as they headed to an aircraft and flew up into the sky...Well how do we communicate with the control base? As Private Jay West 3rd saw what looked like a mouse piece connected to an ear looking piece. This must be our communication devices... Then as he put it on...
He begins speaking through it. Control base 704 Rodger come in? 10/4 finish testing your aircraft out and stop playing around. Do you copy? Rodger that! As he got the message he begin heading to the battlefield to test his weapons.  Launch 257. (Private West 3rd releases a missile) as it went off...he noticed it was a blank and it basically was fake. 
So he had enough practice so he headed back…as he got closer to base he landed his aircraft back where he got it. Shit. That was a close call. Well where are the others? As General Stacy Payton approached him... I don’t know... so you’re alone? Yes I am...
Still got your portable radio? the others. Yes.., sir

As he paged them...But no answer... Deltas 215 come in...10/4 come back? Where are you? We are heading back... why? As general grabbed the radio she was pissed off...
don’t question my authority. Now get your asses back or you will all be signing your military discharge papers. Got it? Sir, yes sir
then as general Payton herself put down the radio, without a doubt of doing what she said or will do. You think they will show up?   They are not that dumb... ok….will see! What you’re calling me a liar? No...Sir alright then...I’m going to my office. If   they don’t show then radio me .alright… well you’ve better come back general... What? I am picking up 200 small aircrafts in radar... it’s them. Give me the radio private... 10/4 what is your position Private Lopez   I am preparing to land over. Tell your buddies that those including yourself meet me in my office. Yes...sir -----------------------
Then as Private peter Lopez begins landing his plane he was afraid that he would be cut from the military. Shit…what have I done to myself? Soon after the others arrived after parking their aircraft. As reached the cafeteria to get something to eat they were stopped by General Stacy Payton and Capt. Maria Rice 2nd and the chief of staff. They knew what was up. Well gentlemen follow us. What… what did I do? No questions just follow these officers... As the officers placed handcuffs on each of them and escorted them off the grounds. What did we do? Well the aircrafts that you flew were totally destroyed which was a $500,000 aircraft. What?  So we are charging you all with destruction of government property. Ok…. Well take it up with the military Supreme Court. After were put into a FBI police car and was placed in the Lowndes county jail. As the federal agents arrived at the Lowndes county jail with destruction of federal government property.
Well let’s ride gentlemen!  As federal agent Frederick Sims along with Agent Philip Alexander got out and assisted and led them inside of the jail.  Well gentlemen you are longer Government workers. You’re…… I smell criminals. Well officer Carla Finley, these two are all yours... ok… I’ll call for some male officers...Charley 2506 we have two male inmates who just arrived we need assistance, charley 2506 I repeat I need assistance.  As two Asian Officers arrived on the scene. Hey I am officer quoin Lee and my partner Jackie Samuels. We   heard you needed backup? Yeah… alright where are the inmates? Ok...come on gentlemen get on the wall and spread your legs side by side. Then as they were searched and cuffed and placed in a holding cell. When the cell bars slammed home they knew it was real. Shit… look what I ended up in listening to you… Yeah… You now I am stuck in seem to be hell and soon I will lift my eyes in a military prison. Damn…you always like to bitch? Fuck this shit! I am going to kill your dumb ass…. Come on and try! Bitch …. What you’re bitch ass going to do?
Alright I can not be that bad….  It is worse not good you dumb ass...

 Lowndes County Jail
120 prison
Farm RD
Valdosta Georgia

8:45 A.M
June 9th 1955


Well as the mourning came and the former soldiers were awoken when they smelled their breakfast arriving at their door. (Officer McDaniel Miller 1st bangs on the holding cell door) what? Do you want your breakfast?  Get the hell away from door? Fuck it then...

What the hell are you doing? As the officer went away and delivered to the other inmates.
Do you realize what you just did? No and I don’t care! -------------------------------
you fucked up! Wow… wow. My ass! Now I understand you lost the best career that ever stood in front of you.  As he begin to shed tears… what is wrong with you? I will never see my family again... that’s what is don’t care but I do. Ok… you’re fucking point? I had a fucking life out there! What? My fiancée / future wife for crying out loud.
She is four months pregnant. You’re serious! Yeah …. I am so we need to get an attorney, a good one if that!  Before next week or we are going to spend the rest of our days in here. Ok! Let’s do this. (Private Peter Lopez rings his door bell) what?  I want a phone call. Are you serious? Yeah… I’m serious... alright!  Ten minutes...that’s it...
Then as Private Lopez picked up the phone and tried to reach Military attorney Bill Wallace. (Phone rings) hello... Attorney Bill Wallace speaking how may I help you?
Hey Mr. Wallace, Private Lopez. Hey where are you?  I’m been falsely placed in jail. Me
and your friend Private Jay West. Are you serious? Well I have less than five minutes on the phone. I want you to represent me and old jay west?  I will do it...You’re at Lowndes county jail? Yeah!  Well I am on my way. Don’t worry my friend… alright! ------
(private Lopez hangs up the phone) well piece of cake… well I’m done... it’s over we just found evidence that you were not guilty for the crime... and your friend as well! --
for real? Yeah! Tell your buddy to follow me. As he approached the cell with the officer.
Son you’re free to go… Thank You. Ok get your stuff and let’s go...


As they were walked out to the lobby of the jail. I would not have guessed that was waiting in the lobby. Attorney bill Wallace, what the hell? What? Who set us up in the first place? Who?  Nobody... it was a slight mistake everybody makes mistakes. But not this... bye... Ok...the   girl who I am engaged with, she is pregnant. And what? She has to deal with this bullshit. So. Nothing I’ve got to get out of here. As he headed to his car which was dropped off the day he was arrested by the military. (Private Lopez gets into his car)
now we are set to go..(Car cranks up) as the car is cranked up and running, Private Lopez then puts the car in reverse. As he begins to look both ways and puts it in gear and drives off. (Private turns on the radio)  Elvis Presley, Music playing) yeah this is what I call music. (Radio paging) 10/4 comes back? What? Meet you at the base? 10/4 ---well we now heading back to base. Well where? Private Jay West we are now free for the minute...
what are you saying? Well what I am saying is if we are proven guilty in court next week we will be back in jail, and maybe prison.  So you get my point?  Kind of!  Well I got us out of jail, so! So what? If you want to be stupid and plain out ignorant then get the fuck out of my car.  Alright! Well private Jay West was then kicked out of Private Lopez’s vehicle in the middle of nowhere. 

Three days to Court hearing

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas

 As he was dropped off in the middle of nowhere and found his way to Las --
Vegas Nevada. To the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. ---------------

Well thank you for the ride.  What the hell am I doing in Las Vegas? As he reached into his pocket, he found  a wad of fresh 100 dollar bills .he began to rejoice of the fact if he won  so many times. He would leave out richer. (Private Jay west walks across the street) well it is time to be rich…. Hell yeah! As he was beginning to walk inside he was trapped in by the Las Vegas Police ------------
Department.  Oh... shit, I’m screwed!  As he was entering the game area he was stopped by casino security. Hey may I see your I.D? Why?  Because we require that all our guest show some form of identification. Ok as he reached and grabbed his wallet and pulled out his military I.D. here it is!  Hey you must be Private Jay West?  Yeah… I got someone I want you to meet. Ok! As he was token to the back. As he entered a small little room, he was surrounded by 12 Las Vegas police officers. What the hell? Son you’re under arrest … why?  Son you’ve have not appeared in court. Where did you get this type of money? What?
This is my money, so what is the issue? Well you are telling us a bunch of lies.
What are you talking about? Take him away. As he was escorted to a patrol car and was heading to the Clark county jail

Clark County Jail
4750 W. Oakley boulevard,
Las, Vegas, NV 89102-1535

 September 4th 1955()

Shit... what the fuck I am going to do now! I’m now on my way to being behind bars. Shit…. What! Well as the Clark county sheriff’s Department Deputy Mark pierce shoves me into the back of the police car. What the fuck? Where am I going? I did not do shit. All I did was go inside a casino so I can win some cash and have fun. As the deputy got inside the car after filling out police reports. Have fun my friend! Fuck you! Fuck who? Because I’m not the one going to jail. Well you’re right! I know I am… well it might not be your fault. You’ve might have been setup. Ok! Yeah you’re right! Well as the deputy cranked up the car and pulled off. (Deputy Mark Peirce grabs the radio) Charlie 405 I have a white 29 year old male heading to Clark county jail. Do you copy? 10/4 we will be standing by… 10/4. Well what are my charges? Well you have contempt of court, destruction of federal Government property. That is about it. Ok! Well sit back and calm down... Because you might have a chance to beat these charges. Ok! Well let’s get out of here. Then as they rode off... (Radio paging) 10/4 come... what? Well I have an inmate heading at the same direction. Get Deputy Kimberly Kelsey on that case... 10/4...
Well as they pulled into the Clark county jail, she begins to see nothing but bob-wire fences. Where am I? Well this is where you’re going to be for a couple of weeks. Why?

You tell me? Tell you what?  You commit the crime, you do the time. Ok! What –ever!

Ok! Well here we are! So undo your seatbelt! Why? Because you’re here! Where?
The Clark county Jail. As deputy Pierce got out of the car with his Stun Gun. Then that is when the son of a bitch listened. (Deputy Pierce Opens the door) get out now! Or what? As deputy begin to man handle the inmate, then dragged the inmate into the building. What do we got? A crazy motherfucker! Ok! Guys escort the inmate to a holding cell. Yes, sir -



Well as they man handled the inmate and placed Jay West in a holding cell. They went and celebrated.  Well Officer Johnny Edwards 3rd    how does you feel? Good! Knowing we put a dangerous man in a holding cell without a problem. Yeah! You’re right! We did a good deed. Well... Gentlemen I am getting off little early today... so I’ll see you’ll tomorrow. Cool! Have a good day Officer James Matthews. Same to you. Well as he left after clocking out. Well take it easy deputy Peirce! No problem! Well as both of the officers hopped into their vehicles and left the primacies. -----------------------------

September 5th 1955

Clark county jail

4750 W Oakley Boulevard,
Las Vegas Nevada NV 89102-1535


(Knock at holding cell #15)


You in there! As Jay West awoken from a long nights rest. What? You have a visitor. Ok!

Well stand back to wall of your cell. Ok! As the officer unlocks the cell door, then comes in with shackles and hand cuffs. Spread your legs, knee like you’re preying so I can cuff your feet. Alright! Stand up straight! Now follow me. As I follow the guard to the visitor area. I begin to see my life going backwards and I can’t see why? As the guard opened the door I begin to get nervous for no parent reason. (Door opens) I came in and I saw a black man in the corner. Who are you? And why are you here? Hey I am Attorney James Nash I am your Attorney. Ok! What are you going to do for me? I am working on you getting out of here. You’re kidding me? No!  You don’t belong here. Are you playing with my emotions? Hell no!

I talked to your wife…leave her out of this shit. Or.  What?  I will kill you... that are what! As the conversation went on. Jay West noticed that he was being recorded. What the fuck is your point? Your girl had her baby today. What? How do you know? Because I am her man now! Hell no! You’re a dead man. As he said that... the Guards rushed in and snatched Jay West out of the room. I’m not through with you yet! Are you alright? Yeah! I’m perfect... Never better. (Phone rings) hello. Hey baby. How are you? (Kim Nash)

I ‘m good. And you? (James Nash) I’m good... Well I’ve got to go... I‘ll be home in one hour. Ok! (Kim Nash) ok! Baby... (James Nash hangs up the phone) well I have scored. I feel bad about Jay West... Ha...Ha... I took his woman...Ha… let’s get the hell out of here.



One hour later….



2456   Lincoln   Park St

Las Vegas Nevada, NV

September 5th 1955

2:30 P.M




As James Nash drives into his driveway, he notices some other vehicles in his driveway.

What the hell? As he got out of car, then reached into his glove department and grabbed his keys and popped his trunk and unloaded his sniper rifle. While loaded the gun, he saw somebody look out the window. As his wife saw who was here… she began to go into shock.


What is wrong? My boyfriend is outside loading a sniper rifle. Are you serious? Yeah….as she begins to weep... will take care of it. Jerome Mims and his friend Carl grab their Ozzie 9mm machine guns and loaded them up. Let’s get this motherfucker…--------

As they went outside he was nowhere in sight... what the hell? As James Nash was hidden in the bushes across the street waiting for an open shot.  Finally he had an open shot. Locked on target. Has he begins to say to himself. (Gun Fires) as the bullet begin to fly through mid-air hitting Jerome Mims in head. As he fell with blood splattering everywhere. Oh shit! My buddy is dead. Open shot! (Gun Fires) As the bullet flew and sunk through the skull of Carl Richardson. As it took place and the two young men were slathered. When Kim Nash came, she begins to get on her knees and begins to shed tears.

(Kim Nash grabs the phone) (Kim Nash dials 911)-------------------------


(Phone rings) -----


Hello! Emergency response how may I help you? My friends have been murdered...

(Emergency response) where do you live?  I live at-

Carlos City Apartments

Apt. 222

W. Morehouse Ave

Las Vegas Nevada, NV


Alright! We will have police and emergency units come and check it out. Alright! So don’t worry about it! Stay calm! We will be there in a minute. Ok! --------------

50 seconds later…


(Sirens approaching)  Well the paramedics and the police arrived. ---------

As lieutenant commander Carl winter field got out of his car, and approached Kim Nash.

What seems to be the problem? Who killed those men? My fiancé, he shot them while standing there in the bushes across the street. Ok! I hear what you are saying. But I have to take you with us for questioning. Ok! Alright! Come on and put your hands behind your back. You’re not under arrest yet! But I have to hold you under contain until we get to the bottom of this. So you are going to sit in the back of the police car. (Door closes)


Ten minutes Later…




(Sirens approaching)


(K-9 units arrive on the scene)

(Major Berry Myers)   What the fuck happened here lieutendent?  Go on ahead and release the dogs, and search for more evidence. Yes, sir! (Major Myers releases the police dogs)  Narrator)  I could say this case was easy, I could also say that it want be easy catching up with a killer like James Nash. As the dogs begin sniffing for evidence they found something. The dogs begin barking. What boy? You found something? It was a drawer full of explosives. What the hell? Everybody out. Move...Move out... As they reached the exit of the house, it was too late. The whole house went up into flames like –

Mount Saint Helen erupting while going into flames. So after the explosion the neighbors heard the explosion and called 911. (Emergency response how may I help you? My next-door neighbor’s house is on fire. Back up on the way...


Five minutes later….


(Sirens approaching)


Seconds later two long fire trucks arrive on the scene. Fire chief Jerry Tucker arrived also!  What the hell is going on? , sir we had an unusual fire. The next-door neighbors heard an explosion and saw two police cars go into flames also... Are you serious? Yes, sir the suspect is unknown at the moment. Where are the owners of this house? Dead! Where are the police? Their on their way. Ok! Investigate... Yes, sir then as the conversation was over. They heard police sirens approaching. (Police arrive on the scene) hey let me through... I am detective Lawrence Carter 5th and this is Officer Pamela Dawson. Ok!

Detective follow me… well where is the suspect? He fled from the scene suddenly after the explosion took place. Let me make a phone call… very well detective...


As he grabbed his radio and phoned the local FBI headquarters. (Phone rings) hello, my name is detective Lawrence Carter 5th w/ the Las Vegas Metropolitan police Department.


Hey this is Agent Elizabeth Taylor, how may I help you detective?  We have a local terrorist attack alert. Well where is your position? Right now! We are at Carlos city apartments. Ok! I have one of my agents come check it out. Ok! Thank You...
we will be waiting. (Detective Lawrence Carter 5th hangs up the phone)  Officer Dawson come here for a minute. What’s up? We have a federal agent on their way. Well to your point... we might have a decent case.  Alright wow... well I am going to my patrol car and I’m going to lunch... Ok! Pick me up something. Alright! Where is your money? As he reached into his wallet and grabbed a ten dollar bill and gave it to her. What do you want?  Uh…. I want a salad... what kind? Caesar    salad...ok! I am going to get it. Bye...





As she left, the FBI agents pulled into the apartment complex. Hey, as the Officer rolled down her window the agent stopped and did the same. Hello, do you know where I can find Detective Lawrence Carter 5th?  He is down at apartment 222. Alright! Thank You!

Well as the directions were given out. She begins to think. Um… I might want have to meet them there. Yeah! I will do just that. Replied Officer Pamela Dawson. Well as she turned around she swerved as she was turning. (She grabbed her radio) charley 225 come in? 10/4 what is your position? Heading to your location... 10/4---

As she pulled into the driveway, she begins to think about the dedicated officer who died at the scene. (Officer Dawson turns the car off) door closes) as she walked and took out her flashlight, then walked into the house to take a look. As the fire chief begin to yell..

Don’t go in there. Why? Because it is too dangerous...that’s why?  Ok! How are we going to find evidence? We are going to leave it to the firefighters. The FBI has taken over this case and operation.  What? The officers who died here were government officers.

You’re kidding me? No! I’m not!  Who ever killed these officers are what seems to be professional killers and good ones if that! Well what are we going to do about it chief?

Um… we are going to contact other agencies and armed forces as well!  Why Them Chief? Well they were trained to kill. So … so what? Just make the damn calls. Alright!


As he begins making phone calls, he begins to become nervous. (Agent Jim Alison grabs the Phone and begins dialing)  (Phone rings) Hello. Hey this is Agent Jim Alison w/ the FBI... how can I help you agent Jim Alison? Well matter a fact we have a serial killer on the loose that has killed two federal agents at the moment. Ok! I want to know your position? We are now in Valdosta Georgia. We will have some Secret service agents come check it out. Alright! Ok! We will be standing by...------------------


Ten Minutes Later!


Well as the FBI agents were waiting for backup from the United States secrete service,

They begin to think about their most valuable agents, Agent Tom Booth and Agent –

John Conyers 2nd. These brave individuals who sacrificed their lives for our terrifying community. Well how long do we have to wait? Why? Why do you have to be a pest and very inpatient? Um…. It is a free country isn’t it? Well it is... but … never mind...

(Helicopter approaching) you hear that? sounds like a helicopter… no shit! Well let’s get in our patrol car and head to the airfield... yes, sir as they headed to the airfield they were stopped by an unknown vehicle.  What the hell... Move out of the way. Well get out and give this jackass a ticket. Ok! Let’s go!  As they approached the vehicle. (Guns Shots/Gun shot) they begin to go into shock. They grabbed their Pistol and reputably fired their Guns/Pieces. Get out of the damn car. Now! The driver refused to get out of the car.


The begin to shoot out the car tires. So the driver could not get away... Get out of the car... Now! As the driver got out of the car. While getting on the ground face down surrendering. As they move in and cuff the suspect. On your feet!  Forget you... what the fuck did I do? What is your name? Fuck you...get him out of here! , sir his name is Frank Beasley, well! Well put him down for obstruction of justice, Possession of a firearm and 3 counts of 1st degree murder on a police officer. Yes, sir let’s go. Then as they take custody of Mr. Beasley. They arrested him and put him into a patrol car. Soon after the helicopter full of Secret service agents. Well … what do we got? We found him. He is now in custody. Ok! Why did you call us then? We needed help that’s why. We had a psychopath killer on the loose killing anybody he came across, he killed Two police officers. Well we will be heading back. As they headed back to the chopper, they were then being prepared to head back to Washington D.C to the secret Service headquarters.


Wait. What do you want lieutenant?  I want you to stay. What? I got better things to do. We are probably going to hand out the death sentence to this individual. Well…. What are you saying? I want you to stay... oh… I see. Are you fucking with my mind? What?

I’m through with this case… Bye... well as Agent Cameron Brooks headed back to the chopper. I’ll see you in Washington, until you have a real case. (Agent Cameron Brooks closes the chopper’s door) Agent Fredrick Berry, Take us out of here... Yes Ms.


(Helicopter lifts off)


So where are we heading? We are headed to Washington … alright! As they surfed through the sky headed to their destination. Well Agent Brooks, What? Are we going to stop at the white house? Yeah…. Ok!  So how long have you been a secret agent? –what?

Silence grew… Just drive. Ok!  Alright!  Cool!  So how long I have to do that? ------

For the remaining of our ride in this damn thing... why? Why are you so damn annoying?


I have no clue! Well fix it. Alright!  How long do we have left?  -------------

Agent Brooks, we have a minimum of five. 2 minutes. Ok! Take that back. What? We are dredging closer to the Dock….of the white house. Ok! Prepare to land us. Um….that want be smart. Why?  There is not enough landing space. Make some space alright!

We are landing minus 2.5 seconds. (The agents land the Chopper) Well how do you feel?

Boy I’m good! I am a big girl… ok! Follow me to the elevator.  No problem! Ready! Just push the damn button. Alright! Girl chill! (Agent Fredrick Berry pushes the elevator button) here we are! (Elevator door opens) come on!  As they entered the elevator they were doomed. As the elevator door closed, Agent Berry begins to sweat and become very paranoid. What is wrong with you? I don’t feel so tight. Why? We lost a very fine ass case. And you’re point is? If we had the Psycho Boy case. We would be the luckiest damn agents in America. Yeah! You’re right! ----------------

As the two agents begin talking begin talking … and trying to decide how they can improve their careers.  Well here is our floor. (Elevator Door Opens)








 White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC 20500-0004

3rd Floor

12:00 P.M


As they entered the 3rd floor of the white house, they were surrounded by Federal agents and heavy security. What the hell are we doing here? We are here to meet with the press.

What for? –---------------------------------------------------

It is our job... so follow me and don’t say anything and leave everything to me. (Senator Bob Fields approaches Agent Fredrick Berry and agent Brooks) hey gentlemen. Hey.... you must be Senator Bob Fields? Yeah. That’s me...well the president is been expecting you two very top known agents... Follow me! No problem! ( narrator) well as the two top and well-known  FBI field Agents were going to meet President Tom Riley and were scared and very nervous , but had a job to do. Well right here gentlemen. (President Riley Speaking) come in. As they entered the room, they were frightened… Don’t be afraid… well take a seat. Yes, sir (The Agents take a seat) well I enjoyed the news I received on you two marvelous and dedicated agents. What news?  You’ve not heard? No! Well I have some awards for you two to be given. Ok! As they were handed their awards for top field agents in the country. Wow!!  I am honored to receive these rewards... Mr. President

You just don’t know how this means to me. Well! You two earned it. Well let’s talk about your new assignment. Ok! Well we have got a call that has made terrorist threats against the white house and me as well!  What are you saying? We want you to find out where this individual lives and everything you could possibly find about Him/Her.

(Chief Jeremy Powers hands a 50 page thick top secret file)  What is this for?  Go over it!

Alright! So this the person you want us to find? Yes it is. Do you want this assignment? Yes. We do. Well you are free to go. Report back to me in a week. ----------

Well Agent Frederick Berry, let’s go. As the agents headed back to the chopper. They begin to brainstorm on how they were going to complete this assignment. As they reached the Air field which was where the chopper was sitting… come on…. If we lose the opportunity to complete this assignment. I’m blaming your crazy ass. For what?  Just get on the damn chopper. Ok! As they opened the door of the chopper, then they boarded the chopper. Well I’ll fly this go around! Ok! Well I guess I’ll handle the computer? Yeah! Alright! We’re even. (The chopper begins to lift) we are in the air… Agent Brooks

What are I main options of this case? What do you mean? I mean which direction are we heading? North West/ NW) north west it is. Well ok! What is the suspect’s name? Tim Curry, Oh… I see. So where does he live? On the radar he lives in Valdosta Georgia. What??  Are you kidding me? No! I’m not. Well we are flying over Atlanta at the moment. How far are we from Valdosta on the radar? Minus 20.2 minutes. Ok!  Land at a nearby base. No problem Miss. We are preparing to land.  (Agent Fredrick Berry lands the helicopter at a nearby base)




Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    6000 N Terminal Pkwy
    Atlanta, GA 30320

    4:30 P.M


Well as the two field agents landed, they had nothing on their mind but to arrest and make sure justice is served. Well   how do you feel agent Brooks? I fell great!  That’s what’s up….  So you got the   spy equipment?  Hell yeah! I got it... well let’s grab us a cab… what?   A cab...hell no. we are not getting a cab. Why? We are professionals/police officers if that! What are you saying? I got a car. Where? Let’s say my kid people live in the ATL. For real? Hell yeah they do… girl just follow a brother...  ok! As they walked downtown to the west side project complex where agent Frederick Berry’s kin people lived at.  Stay out there...take that back. Come in where I am. Why? It is not safe, Baby… Baby I am not you’re baby…. Chill. Girl. Just come inside for a quick second. Ok!

(The agents walk inside) -


The parents were surprised to see their nephew on their side of town. Hey Baby…. Hey Mom and Dad How are you?  Were good. How about you? I’m good! Can we use my old car? Why not! Son the keys are in your old bedroom. Under the coffee table, as Agent Brooks waited in the living room she was questioned. Hey honey where you from? I am originally from Detroit Michigan. Oh... I see!  So you’re a federal agent? Yeah! Well if you want to get laid by my son, it’s ok! I am thinking about it. As agent Frederick Berry walked into the living room after overhearing what they were talking about. What the hell are you‘ll talking about? I want to ask you a question? What? Want to have sex tonight? Ok! Will do just that! Tell you the truth you sure got some big ass tidies! Damn I’m becoming Horney...  grab my ass! Ok! Mom can I use my old bedroom for a quick fifteen minutes? No problem!  Follow me... Ok! As they begin to head to the bedroom, well as they begin to make love…. (Narrator- well as the two love birds begins pouring their hearts out to each other. It was their first time) (Moaning) baby you’re the first girl I had felt comfortable with. For real? Yeah!  Baby that makes me feel much better. Are you serious? Ok! Shit what time is it? 7:45 P.M… shit!!!  What is wrong? We need to get washed up and head to downtown, Atlanta. Well let’s take a shower together…ok!

As the two lovebirds grabbed their uniforms and some fresh underwear, socks and -shoes... what are you waiting for? Carry me to the bathroom. Oh…ok! (Agent Frederick Berry picks up Agent Cameron Brooks and carries her to the shower) baby you are a Trip. Baby you’re my man…. You know this Shawty… well let’s get washed up!

 (Agent Fredrick Turns on the water in the Hot-Tub) baby you want some bubbles in the water? Hell yeah!! He prepares and added some bubbles in the Hot-Tub…well let’s hop into the Hot- Tub. Ok! Then as they got into the Hot-Tub. They begin to giggle and begin to feel passion about one another. Baby!! What?  I have some serious feelings for you. For real? Yeah!!!! So bad, it hurts … well you got a good woman. Hell yeah!! I do!

Well let me clean you up. I am going to start at your lower part of your body. Ok! Clean my vagina/posy. Ok! As he begins to clean her private areas of her body, he begins to love her even more. Well! (Agent Cameron Brooks) now it is time to clean your body.

 (Agent Fredrick Berry)  Ok! (Agent Cameron Brooks) Get up!




 As Frederick Berry begins to fall asleep. Wake up!  What,  I cleaned your body including your Dick…what? Just get out and dry off, so we can get out of here. Ok!

Then as they got out of the tub. They begin to have flashbacks of past incidents where they were being shot at. After dozing off … Cameron Brooks begins to shake and get his attention. Wake up. .. What?  What’s wrong? I had a vision. What kind of vision?  I had a vision on where we can find the suspect. For real? Yeah! Get your clothes on. Why? Why? We got to check out an individual. Who?  A crazy motherfucker! Where? Ten blocks from here. Ok! Let’s go. Well why you’re running that Yak. What? Never mind. Just get ready! Alright!  Then after they were fully dressed, they begin to load their Pistols and their Sniper rifles. Then they grabbed their keys and headed out. As they walked into his parent’s living room they were stopped in their tracks. Hey sweetie do you’ll want some breakfast? No Thank You. Mom. What honey? Fix me some coffee if you don’t mind. Ok! Honey. What do you want in it? Cream and sugar please. Ok! Then as Cameron Brooks walked back in the kitchen. Can I have some? Yeah!! Sugar. What do you want in it? Cream and sugar please. Alright honey! Well here is your coffee. Alright! Well we have to go mom. Ok! Drive safe!  As they walked and hopped into a 1967 Chevy impala. So this our ride? Yeah!!! This is my old Undercover Patrol Car. Are you serious? I have some extra artillery weapons in the back. Get in! Alright! Well as the Agents got into the car. (Door closes) well enjoy the ride. Why? Well because I upped the Engine speed. Strap your seatbelts up! Ok! (Car cranks up) Then as they drove off, they received a page. (Radio Pages) can I get it? Sure!  10/4 over. What? What is the visual of the suspect?


Morehouse Luxury Condo city complex

Room 345

East Buck Head


 (Agent Brooks puts down the radio) well we got a case to solve. Yeah!  Tell me about it. Well where is the Condo complex? It is ten blocks from here give me the radio (Agent Cameron Brooks hands the radio to Agent Fredrick Berry the radio) 10/4 over!  . (Radio paging) what complex are we heading to? (Agent Jimmy Carter) we have a team of units headed there and will meet you there…. Ok! (Agent Frederick Berry) 10/4 --- (Agent Fredrick Berry puts down the radio) well! What? They’re going to meet us there.Ok!  What’s wrong with that? Nothing! Then what’s wrong? Nothing baby. Baby look at me.

Then he turned and looked at her with tears running down his cheek. What’s wrong baby? Nothing! Then why are you crying? I don’t want to do this job anymore. Why? Everyday I put my gear and load my pistol and I feel regret. For what? This job is dangerous and it fears me day by day. Then quit! I’m thinking about it. Don’t quit! I can’t do this fucking job without you. Ok! I’ll stay… so this is Morehouse Luxury Condo city complex? Yes! It is.  Well let’s do it! As they got out and put their gear on. They were prepared to arrest or even take the subject out if needed!  As they approached the other agents, they introduced themselves to them. So you’ll must be the backup unit? Yeah!

Well follow me, replied Sergeant William Alexander as he begins to go over the case

Where is the suspect? Way up to the 3rd floor room 345… So what is the plan? As Agent Fredrick Berry begin to become very frustrated. The plan…. The plan is top secret. What the hell? Watch your language! Man I cam all the way from Washington D.C or you can say the White House, so don’t get me started. Ok!  Gentlemen grab an extra clip and follow me. Ok! (Sergeant William Alexander introduces the two field agents)  Hey everybody this is our two backup field agents. Now we are going to move in, in the next twenty minutes. Ok!  They pretended and agreed with him just to shut him up. When are we moving in? Now! As the agents grabbed their Ak-47”s and headed up to the entrance of the stairways. Alright!! Stop…. Why? Are we stopping? I want all of us to split-up into three different groups. Alright! Yes, sir. Agent Benjamin Gains, Agent Paul Mason and Agent Peter Roberts, Go together .rest of you split up! Ok! Let’s move. As the agents went upstairs. They had nothing on their mind but to capture to prevent any type of harmful act on innocent civilians. As they reached the 3rd floor they got in their position, to move in. Sergeant Alexander begins to give the signal. They also had a chopper surrounding the building. Come out with your hands in the air, you’re under arrest.

Fuck. As the suspect Carlton Martin a young 25 yr male who has multiple charges. As he pulled out a Rifle and loaded it up, then he was so mad he begins shooting at the helicopter. Fuck you bastards. As the shooting occurred he was aimed at. (Gun shots) as he hit the ground with blood pouring from his throat. Then as the suspect was down, the agents begin to move in… The suspect was still breathing, then seconds later he died…

Shit. Well we have a victory. Well he is dead! That’s right! No worries he’s dead. How could you say that? Well nobody has to worry about somebody getting killed or seriously injured. You think this is a game, or even over. Why you say that? This game isn’t over.

Why is that?  Because he has his own gang organization. What is it called? The----

East Coast Creepers. How do you know about this organization? I do my research! Then where is the rest of the crew? In this same complex. What floor? This floor. -----------

Get your best group of guys and meet me at my patrol car. Yes, Sir As the agents begin to make phone calls, so they could form a team to investigate on this Gang organization.

As Sergeant William Alexander begins to walk downstairs he begins to see a man with a black and blue bandanna. I’m doomed. He begins to grab his Sniper rifle silencer scope rifle. Bye, bye mother fucker. As he had a chance to fire his piece, it was too late!!

Going somewhere? Replied Snake. I   think it is night, night. Then as snake grabbed the agent’s rifle and begins to laugh over and over. Night, night don’t let the bed bugs bite.

(Gun shots fired). As the shots were fired, the agent hit the ground. Then as he fell blood splattered all over the concrete. Gentlemen grab the gun while I hide the body. As snake begins to carry the body inside and stores it inside a freezer.


Ten Minutes Later….


Then as they were commanded to meet at the command post. Sergeant William-

 Alexander was nowhere to be found. Where the hell is he?  Then they begin to track down trails of blood. What the hell? It is Sergeant Alexander! Are you serious? He must be in that apartment…. As they begin to knock at the door… hello federal agents open up. Load your weapons up now! (Door opens) hey you’ll must be the keepers of sergeant

William Alexander? Where is he? Oh…let me see. He didn’t make it! What? Well he was a brilliant mother fucker.But he fucked up. So go play, because it could happen to you.
Drop the damn gun, now! Or what? (Shots fired) as the agents took the crazy lunatic out and cuffed him and the rest of the gang. Then the agents escorted the criminals to a patrol car. What the fuck? I’m sorry! It’s too late for that. I want an attorney! (Door closes)

(Sirens alarm) well as the Atlanta police Dep’t arrived and were ready to transport the suspects to the Fulton county Jail. So As Officer Tammy Hunt approaches agent Michael Cain he begin to ask for information. What are the charges? Well the charges are 1st degree murder and procession of a handgun. That’s about it. Well thank you for your help on capturing these dangerous criminals. No problem! That’s why we are here for.

Well on that note. Have a good day! You the same. Alright ------------------------

As officer Terrell Matthews, Major Randy Michaels the backup officers. Well   let’s get out of here. (Door Closes) ____ (Car cranks up) well here we go ----------

(Sirens sound as the pass) well how are you gentlemen? Fuck you! Fuck me, fuck you dumb –ass. You’re the jackass to commit the damn crime. My fault! Yeah… your fault.

Why? Because you killed a federal agent and several other innocent civilians, so you’re the dumb ass. Ok! I’ll just shut up… well just shut up then. . (Narrator) well as the criminal realized what type of crime he committed was dumb and plain out stupid. As he also realized that he will not get to enjoy a normal life for the next 25-30 years he wanted to shed tears but was ashamed to do so. Well as they arrived at the Fulton county jail.

He was ready to get out. He was also scared. Why?  Because he is a cop killer. People in the prison system don’t like cop killers. As they begin to drag him into the jail house they were worn-out. Get the fucker… no problem!  How do you deal with those crazy ass fools all-day? It’s our job… so you rather deal with inmates then… Then what? Nothing!

Well you two go get that bastard. We’re off! Ok! Peace… Peace these nuts. What? Nothing!

Say some more shit… You’ll what? I will call your boss. Ok! We’re even! ---

As the officers got inside their police cars, they were headed back to the police station. (Phone rings) hello! What? I’m in trouble? Ok! Fuck it!!  You can have this job… forget-

It! Why? Because I have said some slight comments and got screwed. For what? Well chief … I think we need to have a quick chat. Ok! Bye… (Officer Terrell Matthews hangs up the phone) what’s wrong now? My career is going down the drain. Why is that?

My wife wants ‘to leave me and… And what?  My kid was blaming me for him being kicked out of school for him bringing crack cocaine to school. How? You didn’t do it.

Yeah…. Again my wife has put a restraining order against me, Today. What? For real? 

Yeah… he did! The main point is that if I don’t go to court for the incident I will be arrested. Then my life and career is over…. Well when you have to go to court? Next month. Well I will be there…. Thank You man you’re the best!  Why am I the best?
Well, Sir you are the answer to my prayer!  Why? Because I will be getting off on a serious and deadly charge. Well! That does not mean you’re getting out. Why? Because you’re finishing to be a convicted felon. What? You heard me! Well as the next day came he was sentenced life in prison/ without bail. The streets were safe again. He was history; he was never seen on the streets ever again!









Charles Morehouse was born in Brunswick GA; he also went to high school there also!
He was a quiet throughout his childhood after loosing his loving mother- Sharon Lee Morehouse. He was very depressed afterwards. Well as he begins to keep to himself he begins writing stories. He came up with the following story in his head. Then early 2010 he begins putting it on paper. Well if you’re hearing story, I hope it touches your heart, soul and mind. I can say to all my readers that no matter what happens keep your eyes on the pride. I can also can say that Charles Morehouse is a strong man, so if you want to be a writer, singer or Evan an actor. Remember you can do anything you put your mind to. Thank you and enjoy the book…

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