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The Deamon inside me

  So for the future what does hold for me i sit and think often about where i will be in the years to come and if my goals will be reached.  I was born almost 22 years ago and for the short time i have walked on this earth i have experienced more then most. I have conqured the deamon that lives inside me.  The deamon that often returns fed by the women i choose to let in my life.  I fight daily with the monsters in my head attempting to control my mind.  Just when i think the monsters are at rest they awaken by days in im exausted at times and just need to hear a i love you baby it will be ok, tomorrow is a new day and i will be here with you tomorrow.

You wonder what deamon i speak of constanltly its the one that took control of me when i was young like my alter ego.  Some women feed the deamon then the deamon wakes the monsters and my life is hell. I begin to spril out of control i try and fight like hell to catch myself but i always end up at rock bottom.  It's like i am walking along the edge of a mountain this mountain of pride and suscess then all of a sudden i meet you or her .  She like the rock the one i slip on as i begin to slide down the mountain.  Then the snowball effect comes into play as i start rolling things begin to spin totally and conpetely outta control my slide becomes a tumble then a full fledged roll.  It seems like no matter how many times i reach for someone or something i'm rolling so fast that i cant hold on i loose grip, eventually i find myself again on my back at rocck bottom looking up at the mountain.  The deamon is full and tired now so it hibernates deep inside me hidden from those who don't know it or anything about it but waiting for the next reason to come out and consume me. 

I often wondered in my younger years if it would consume me completely and leave me lieing lifeless on a bathroom floor where i had just puked my guts up.  If this deamon would ever leave my body and find a new host for its madness .  For its so called party

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