SLEEP TO DREAM. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share


She’s gone to sleep
Again, as she
Often does, but
This time on a
Train. Maybe she

Dreams of distant

Isles, bright sunshine
Beaches, clothed in
A bright green, ass
Gripping, skimpy

Bikini and

Surrounded by
To die for men,
Or maybe she
Dreams of her first

Date, the bought for

Her flowers, the
Big box of chocs,
The quick given
Kisses and the

Mismanaged fuck

Or perhaps she
Dreams of the lost
Baby and the
Last long hold, or

Maybe she dreams

Of her husband
Beating her up
As he often
Did and leaving

Her out in the

Midnight’s cold, or
Perhaps she dreams
All these dreams in

Sequence like some

Nightmare show, all
Mixed up, drawn out
And slow. She’s gone
To sleep in a

Train, full of dark

Sorrow as she
Often is, so
Maybe she’ll not
Wake up again.

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