FOR THE POEM | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share


All towards the
Poem, Bonnie
Muses, posing

For the arty
Photograph, guns
Tucked in the belt,

Western style, some
Latter-day bad
Girl, cowgirl, out

For the big kill,
The car behind
As the chosen

Backdrop; we’ll die
Together, she
Wants to say, but

Clyde is turning
Away the box
Camera in

His killer hands,
His thoughts elsewhere.
Yeah, she says to

Herself not Clyde,
Together on
Some lonely road,

Dying side by
Side. She shakes her
Head, dismisses

The dark thoughts like
Flies, follows Clyde,
Runs at a quick

Pace, the guns in
Her hands, smile on
Her face. All this

For the poetry,
She muses once
More, who else to

Die for their art,
The mighty pen,
And catching Clyde

Up, she gives back
The guns again.

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