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The Magical Book

Today was a day Rachel wasn't looking forward to. Rachel and her friend, Diana, had to visit the library to get an essay done for their English class.

The local library was about 10 long blocks away from her house. Rachel's friend, Diana, lived closer to the library. So on her way there, Rachel went to call for her friend. From there they headed to the library.

On the way there, Diana, knew there was something bothering her friend. Diana looked at her friend. "You're awfully quiet. What's wrong?"

"Mom and I just had an argument," Rachel said, in a sour tone of voice.

"Well, that's not unusual." Diana paused. "You two are always at it."

"Yeah," Rachel sighed. "I was making a big deal about having to go to the library. She got annoyed that I was complaining. So, she started with her usual preaching on how I don't read enough books."

Diana chocked an eyebrow, looking at her friend. "Well, you and I know how much you love reading." Rachel grunted. "I can only read when I'm in the mood."

"And when is that?" Diana asked sarcastically.

Rachel gave her friend a sour look. She knew what Diana had meant.

"Let's find something else to talk about," Rachel said in a raised tone of voice.

When they got into the library, the girls headed for the reference section. Rachel had found her book first and brought it with her to the table at the far end of the room and sat down.

Rachel opened the red book and went to the table of contents. All of a sudden she began feeling strange. It seemed as if the book had bewitched her. She went into a trance. She stared down at the book. All of a sudden, she heard this deep sounding voice. calling her name. She looked all around her and saw no one. It shook her up so much, that the book left her hands and fell to the floor. Hesitating, she bent down and picked up the book and stared at it.

"What's going on her," she said.

Again the voice spoke, but this time, the voice was friendly. "Hi Rachel," it said. "Don't be frightened."

Rachel stared at the book. "This can't be. Books don't talk. I must be going nuts."

"You're not going nuts," it said. "I'm here to help you."

Now it's reading my mind, Rachel thought. "This can't be real." She faned through the pages. "This is impossible. I'm imagining this."

"Rachel, believe it, it's happening," it said. "I'm here to help you find yourself. My task is to get you interested in reading."

"What's with it, today?" Rachel asked. "Is today bug Rachel day?"

'You're a talented young girl and you must pursue your talent, in the right way," the book voice said. "To become a good creative writer, you must also read, not jut write."

"How do you know I like to write?"

"Now do you believe me?"

"I don't know what to believe. Books don't talk."

At that moment Rachel felt someone shaking her, calling her name.

"Are you all right?" Diana asked her.

Rachel looked up at her friend puzzled. "Why shouldn't I be all right?"

"You were just sitting her staring into space."

"No I haven't." Rachel said, looking at her friend strangely. "I've been reading at this book."

Diana looked strangely at Rachel. "What book?"

Carol looked at her hands and found her hands empty.

"Diana, I was holding a red book. I brought it with me from the reference section."

"So where is the book?"

Rachel shook her head. "This may sound crazy, but the book spoke to me."

Diana let out a laugh. "It spoke to you?"

"Diana, it did. I'm starting to remember what it had said and you know it made sense.

Rachel never knew what had happened that day at the library, but from that day on she enjoyed reading and writing.
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