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There Must Be Angels Among Us

It was the winter of 1993, February. The town of Milford, Pa. That year the winter had been brutal. The temperatures went to below zero. We had received vast amounts of snow, a foot or more at a time. There were many ice storms, where people were stranded in their homes for days at a time. It was the year where I had lost a loved one, my husband.
I worshiped at a church which was located about 30 miles away in Matamoras, Pa., The congregation invited me to attend their social gathering and dinner. I had doubts in my mind as to whether I should go, but the people in the congregation had always been kind and caring to me with the death of my husband, which had recently happened. I couldn't refuse their hospitality.
It was a cold and brutal night when I left my house. Even though I was having a good time at the church gathering, I still feared it would start to snow. It started to snow hard in the middle of the evening. The roads were becoming heavily covered with snow. I knew it was time for me to leave. My close friend who was a member of the congregation suggested that I should stay the night in her house, instead of driving home, but I'm a stubborn individual, so I insisted on driving home.
Driving on snow and icy roads was a first time experience for me. It scared me, but I got the courage to start up the car and go.
I decided in taking the back roads which would be the shortest route home, even though I had to drive on country roads. I approached the half way mark, after I had made the right turn. Not seeing it, I must have hit an ice patch, which put my car into a spin. Since I never handled a skid, I lost control of my car and rammed into a ditch. The car hit something because it came to a dead stop.
At this point, I was in total shock. I sat there crying my head off. I panicked because I was alone and didn't know what to do. It was pitch dark and not one house or soul was in sight. After I got myself together I tried to start the car. No luck! It wouldn't start. I tried several times to start the car, but it still wouldn't start.
I don't know how long I sat there, but it seemed like an eternity. I finally decided to get out of the car. I looked around me and all of a sudden from out of nowhere I saw a pair of glimmering head lights coming towards me. I walked into the middle of the road, waving my arms in the air and crying, "please help me."
The car stopped right along side of me. A man and woman stepped out of the car and walked over to me. I was never so happy to see anyone, as much I was to see them. I said to myself,"there must be angels among us."
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