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The Trio

I grew up in a normal neighborhood with normal friends and a very normal life. I loved my life but believe it was a bit dull at times. I would wake up every morning thinking to myself, what am I doing today? Going to school?, Yes of coures, but why can't I say no? Because im boring!! I would go to school, pay attention in class, get picked on by the jocks, and called a nerd day after day. That was my life, everyday that was my life.

I sat at my desk looking at the teacher day dreaming suddenlly, what would it be like if my life was different, what if I was the popular guy, the guy with the cool looks, nice hair, perfect body and played on the football team.
"Hey Sean, how are you doing hottie?" One of the hottest girls named Tia in school yelled out.
I was of course doing great, and just smiled at her. She took my smile as a compliment and headed over to me, she pushed me over, or tried to, but failed, I was to buff. She started climbing on me and rubbin her hands all over my body..
"Whoaaa.. I could get used to this" I thought to myself.

When suddenly some guy yelled out "Tia what the hell do you think your doing? He has a g/f already get your hands off him", I think it was her boy friend. I pushed her off me for a minute and told her to get away.

I have my own girl? I thought to myself. I asked him, if he remembered who my g.f was, he told me "Kim of course, everyone knows already about you two."

"Whats the latest gossip about us?" I asked him.

"Well there is a lot of talk about your ages, you being 16 and her being 22 and all, its a big deal, your the hottest 16 year old here and your dating a 22 year old, they say it does not matter though, seeing how she is the model of maxim magazine."

I over heard someone call out a name "Joe, Sean what are you doing, you have a game soon, get the hell out of class and bring your asses over here."

I over heard joe's reply "Calm down Brian, we are commin, Come on Sean!"

I came with him to our football game, which we were supposed to be at already.

We arived at the football game which I was quickly pushed onto the field and put in what appeared to be a quarterback position. Suddenly I heard a "Hike" and I saw a football flying at me, never playing football I had no idea what I was doing, I panicked and ran towards the touchdown and suddenly blacked out.

I woke up from a daze to see Brian and Joe, and Tia, and some other girl looking down at me.

"You ok man?", I shook my head sn respond "Ya, im cool".
"You took a hard hit man" Brian said.

I gotta up and said I was ok, I heard the crowd cheer and I got a big fat kiss from the hottest chick ive ever seen in my entire life. I knew now what I was doing.

I made up a play with my strong creative intelect to create a nice play, which we tried to pull off.
"Hike", I ran back a little bit looking for someone open, I saw brian, I throgh it and brian caught it head on then made it all the way to the touch down

The crowd cheered and hollared. Everyone was extremely happy, I was happy. I saw Kim rum up to me, give me a big hug and a nice long kiss. She was extremely proud of me and I was proud of me to. I wondered what it could be like to have this life all the time, I woke up and saw myself, getting called on by the teacher. The teacher asked me what the center of the world was, I answer "Football". The classes laughed histerically at me and I was wondering what the hell was just going on, apparently I was back in class and it was only a day dream, darn day dreams I thought to myself. I looked up to see everyone looking at me, I just laid my head on the desk and sighed.

I walked home from school and arrived home to see that girl, the girl kim was at my door step, I blinked my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming again. Apparently she was really, she came up to me and gave me a big kiss, knocking my glasses on the floor. I just smiled and walked into the house with her.
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