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i am sorry !!

no don't be !

not because you made nothing wrong !

but your apologize will change nothing!!

everything is over !

well ....who cares?!

this is life !

when you hurt someone !

you will be never forgiven ! 

trust me its not funny !!

maybe to me !

actually i don't care about others!

everybody hate it !

even if they think thats is the right thing !

don't tell me that!

am the best thing that had ever happened to you!

not because i wont believe you !

but to give myself execuses!

i wrote this not because i don't want you to apologize!

but because you will never do !

i made it up to myself!

i made stories !!

but do you know what?!

you don't deserve me!!

bye bye!

and when you get out of my heart !

don't forget to close the door !

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