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His name is James, James Scott, People call him James Scott.
he raised up in a small city somewhere in this planet, his story is very strange.
He was born in a sunny thursday in 1991. it was at that time when Bryan Adams made his best song "everything i do, i do it for you"
anyways, from his childhood, he noticed that he is a bit strange, different from others, and Mysterious.
unlike his family members, he was rude, shy, you can call it some Oedipus or something, but he wasn't like them.
She was beautiful, cute, adorable, she was born just some months after me.
he was 18 years old when he met her, he felt something special about her, he has known many girls before her, and he was rude to them
but, this one made him be sweet.
he tried to act perfectly, from the first view, he thought to himself: come on James, she is yours, you have to get her, you'll have only one chance, you will never be miserable in your life with such beautiful angel.
he met her in some internet website in fact, it was childish and ridiculous at the beginning, but it changed totally into the opposite later.
they used to talk over and over everyday for hours, just one day of non-connection was able to made even him or her feel terribly.
they liked each other, and James was the first who started to say: i love you.
he wasn't sure in fact about his feelings, but he liked her a lot, and never wanted to lose her, and so she did.
it was like a platonic romantic story at the beginning, they were very attached to each other.
but, troubles began to occur, he was very conservative, and she was pratically the opposite, he told her to stop doing things, and she considered this as an intervention in her private things. Time after time, their problem began to be more serious.
one day she said : James, i don't love you.
it was the worst words he heard in all his life.
she has been his friend, his sister, his girlfriend, his mother and his teacher.
he tried to keep her so badly, but nothing worked, he spent his nights awake, thinking about her, sometimes remmembering the best times together and having such smile in his face, and sometimes crying.
he has never experienced love before, and he wanted this experience to be the first and the last.
anyways, she stopped talking with him and never did again.
he became totally mad, and crazy, and decided to met her although she lives 2000 miles away from him.
he wrote her adress in his notebook, and he went there before even getting some rest.
it was around 7 pm, the weather was so cold, and it was snowing. he was waiting in front of the house for her, suddenly, she appears with some guy, he was incredibly happy seeing her for the first time but also so sad because of the guy with her.
they get into the house without seeing him. and they had a wonderful night together.
Just the day Before, James was gone, she found him just behind her window smiling and holding a paper in his hand saying: Be Happy, James...

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