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I took my first step out the door on the way to my first job, it was a giant step to the my life, the same feeling of that first step I took when I was a small child I could feel the years of walking through all of my life as I made my way to work. I could feel myself walking into my next life. As I made my way to work, I stepped into my first office, the feeling when I bought my first car, the feeling of completeness and progress of my life. I tried hard to progress towards making myself the manager. I then realized I had accidentally ended up in the manager’s office, and saw my nameplate on the desk. The secretary for the manager came in and she had a happy look on her face, a face as if she had just been proposed to by someone. She had a big gold ring with a diamond on finger glittering in the light. I stared at it fading into a dreamland my eyes spinning. I heard a fading sound in my ears, “Honey…, Honey….” I heard someone calling me honey, and awoke to seeing that secretary, I woke up again, in some room. I saw her talking to me, calling me honey, acting as if she is trying to get me to snap out of it. I realized I was in a room that had a Christmas tree, and presents and I saw 2 children standing around the tree all happy and cheerful. I seemed to be a happy man, with a great life, a great job, and a happy family. My life appeared to be a dream come true.

I was suddenly startled by the sound of tons of people running away from me and a heavier step coming toward me. I looked up and saw my English teacher standing in front of me nodding at me as if I had done something wrong. It appears as if I had been dosing off in class when we were supposed to be writing an assignment about telescoping and stepping.
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