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Animal Story

My name is Dean; I received my name from a zookeeper when I first appeared in this zoo. I was a bit of a climber and a journeyer, I loved running around in the tree’s and messing with the other inmates of mine. I enjoyed all the company in which they gave to me. I could do things the other inmates could not do such as juggle bananas and oranges; I could feed the other animals all around me, which did not understand how to eat the zoo food. I helped them understand this place they now lived in. The inmates respected me for that and continued to support me over time. I began growing bored and weary of people looking at me. Looking at my big beady eyes and my exposed bare butt, which looked so funny when I walked across trees. The incessant rambling about how it was so cute when I acted like I was talking to other inmates or how I ate a banana. I needed an adventure, I need to get some manly hair on my body instead of this babyish brown hair, which had been born on me, and so I planned an adventure, which required the help of others.

The zoo I lived in was always over populated and I was stuck in a cage with the other inmates. There was one way into the cage, which the zookeepers came in and fed us from. That was once a day, which they did so that the funny looking people could come and watch us. I was fed up with being watched and needed something new. I talked to the fellow inmates about a plan of how I would escape and go on an adventure.

We planned the escape, everything from the distraction to the crawling and jumping over people and making the final escape. The rest of my buddies took their positions and waited for that zookeeper to come and open up the gate. The time came and we went into action, I quickly jumped into the zookeepers hand biting him, the other inmates began screaming and yelling running around the cage starting to grab the zookeepers arm, holding him inside. I quickly ran over him and jumped outside the cage, I was free for the time being. Animal control officials began running around like crazy trying to catch me; I jumped from person to person trying not to harm anyone. I ran as fast as I could along the sides of the fence, passing by the hippos, elephants and giraffes. I finally reached the end of the fence to a junction of officials and a tall fence; I jumped for my freedom leaping high and far over the fence and soaring to the other side. I suddenly felt as if I was trapped inside some net. I had been caught. Although I had not accomplished getting out of the zoo, I got the adventure that I had been looking for and I feel much more manly now. I plan to go on more adventures in the future. I was not about to give up my escape.
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