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A boy about the age of three was a boy raised incorrectly by his father and treated really bad. His father and mother left him when he was first. He never knew his father, his real father. His uncle picked him up and raised him; He was raised incredibly wrong and incorrectly. Anytime he wanted to come in he would get beaten and kicked out. He grew up knowing nothing but pain, anger, and fear. He went on through elementary school being the school bully, picking on all the kids and making fun of them and taking their lunch money. As he got into JR high school he became extremely athletic and got the all time best time for the 100-yard dash in JR high school. He went on to high school, by this time he had drugs in his life, he had started off selling and distributing drugs, getting them from wherever he could. He also played many sports in high school including football and track. He was the star track runner at the school and was renowned as the sports leader. Bigger people who thought they could beat him up or kill him confronted him, he got beat up by many people who teamed up on him, but he never went down without a fight. He was friends with chuck Norris at the time and was trained constantly at his DoJo and trained in the art of fighting. The big bullies tried to beat him to death, the boy beat about 4 of them down, breaking there noses and bones, but the other people were far to many for him to take them all. He was beaten hard, he was bruised all over, after he could no longer feel his body, his big brother came out of the house, the boys big brother was furious, he came out with a chair and beat the living day lights out of all of the other kids. The other kids ran for their lives never to mess with the boy again. These types of fights continued to come to him, especially since he was dealing with drugs, his self-defense learning definitely came in handy. They saved the boy many times. The boy continued to sell drugs throughout high school, it being the only source of income for him. Everyone he had known had done drugs. He finally graduated from high school, he had started a depression since he had no longer any friends to sell the drugs to, he began taking the drugs, relying on them, smoking out everyday and not doing anything with his life. His life was nothing but a dump and a depressing time. He got in tons of accidents because of his drug related problems. He traveled from one empty home to another empty home always hoping upon hoping that a miracle would come.

He met a girl, the girl of his dreams. He thought she was the most beautiful person he had ever let his eyes on. They had a child, a child they both loved so much. The boy now a father was still doing drugs at the time, the child had no idea what the father was doing and saw his mother and father always fighting. Fighting over what seemed to be stupid things, yet the child did not know what was going on, the child knew only hate and sorrow. The child grew up opposite his father, getting picked on in school, staying away from the bad people, being a good kid that got bad grades. The whole time the child was growing up the father would send letters letting him know that he was alive. The father sent the child birthday cards and birthday money from the drugs that he had sold and made some money off of, no matter how much deep shit the father was in, he managed to send the child some money, because the father loved the child, thought everyday that because of this child, his life should go on. No matter how screwed up the father was, no matter how many times the father almost dies, the father remains alive, and he remains alive because of the child. The child was his only reason to continue living on with his life. After years of sorrow the father finally stop doing drugs, even after all the institution after institution he stopped his drug problem because of one thing, one thing that his son said.

His son asked why people do drugs after being in one of those DARE prevention programs. The father grew sad and realized his son was smarter then he was. The father worked his ass trying harder and harder to get back on his feet. He found a friend, a person who took him in; in turn he would take care of the house and the estate for her. He totally agreed borrowing money only sometimes if he needed it, always paying her back. They lived with each other for 2 years and then his son decided to come up and visit. They had a great time up there, having fun together, he brought along a girl related to the lady that he was living with. His son and the girl had a lot of fun together; they totally enjoyed each otherís company and had a great time hanging out together. Him and his son had a great time together. They finally realized the fine points of life. The father continued throughout the year living a happy life with his job as a handyman. The son once again came after a 2 years, he came expecting to have a lot of fun like he did before. But this time, the girl was not there and the father wanted the son to help him work. The son hated doing manual labor and the father had not thought about this before hand. The son had a terrible time doing that hard labor and did not enjoy himself; he not longer wanted to visit his father anymore. His father continued to phone him and mostly talked about his problems, until one bad thing happened.

The lady that he was living with decided to press charges again him. Apparently he had dropped a butcher block on her foot and she thought he did it on purpose. Perhaps he did, but either way this would put him without money, without a place to stay, and be in debt for the rest of his life with his lawyer. He spent months almost years fighting all the suits, one after another continued to get filed on him, all counts were voted false except the main one. He was to take a year in prison and without bail. He called his son crying and whining his depressing news, his son did not want to hear this stuff, and he wanted happy things not sad ones. The father had really been bugging the son, bugging him to a point of annoyance. To this day the father is still in jail and should be out soon, he will never be able to get back on his feet for he is to old to have anything to support him money wise.

The moral of this story is as follows: During this whole time in which the father was in trouble he continued to lecture his son about drugs. About how drugs screwed up his life and how he thought he would never get addicted to drugs, how he said he would not be like other people and not go into the drug mess like other people. That was not true, he in fact was taken over by the drugs, taken into the world in which there is no reason or morals.
Can you imaging a world where you did not have to worry about anything? That is what it is like on drugs, so can you imagine how easy it is to get addicted? This is what the father continued to tell the son, continued to preach him in every conversation they had about why he should not screw up his life like his father. To this day the boy remains drugs free and has a great future better then most other people.
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