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Arnold a boy from JR High school grew up with an emotional child hood, with a very unstable family. Going through JR high was very hard. As a child his parents always fought and he was beat by his parents. In school he always got in trouble and was doing things normal school students should not be doing.
Like peeing on brick walls and wearing ruby red high heals. His favorite movie was sixteen candles and he knew all the words from it. He looked up to Barbra Straisand and always broke into “Don’t rain on my parade…” Anyways one day he was walking down the street of los angelos when he say babera straisand.
He immediately recognized her and ran up to her. He tried to give her a big bear hug but her body guards knocked him to the ground. He stood up and started to scream at the top of his lungs. “Don’t rain on my parade” she heard him and turned around. “You have a pretty good voice, have you thought of singin professionally.” She asked.
Arnold looking at the ground to shy to look at
straisand in the eyes said with a crack in his voice,
“Why no, the only time I would sing is front of people
was when I would sing at girl scout meetings, but I
only did that cause they thought I was so bad, they
would throw cookies at me” Arnold gave straisand a big
smile, “ I like eaten em cookies”
Straisand said back to him, “I love cookies to! I love
cookies s much I have my own cookie factory.” “They
make my own personal cookies and eat them all. Do you
want to come with me and eat?” “If you come I will
give you two cookies and the rest are mine”
Arnold was overjoyed to go to the cookie factory with barbera. They got in there car and drove off. When they arrived at the factor they started eating cookies right away. Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and grandma’s to!. Arnold noticed that the workers were orange with green hair… they were oooompa looompas.
Arnold loved cookies. They were so yummy. He just kept
on eating them. He started walking around the factory
and watching the oompa loompa’s. They were so weird
looking. Arnold walked up to one of the midget orange
people and ask him for his name. “Hey Guy, my name is
Lamo!” Arnold thought he was so lame to be named after
the word lame. “Hey Lamo.. My name is Arnold, Pretty
lame huh?, were just a bunch of lame people”
Arnold just wanted lamo to be his friend, Arnold said I don’t have any friends and I need a life, pretty lame huh?” “Yes, I would not mind but I think you are way lame.” lamo told him. I think I have to keep my reputation, you are way to lame, get away from me!@” lamo shouted.
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