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Herbert a wimpy giant sized Lion, was on his first trip into the deadly jungle, as a child Herbert grew up living in the zoo. He was the first lion to attempt living in the jungle after being in captivation. The zoo company knew Herbert would have to adapt to his surroundings in order to survive. Herbert tried to act like a scary lion but always came out all friendly. Herbert jumped and freaked out anytime there was a sudden movement or sound. Herbert was being flown to the Australian jungles to habitat there. He shivered nervously in first class scared that the place would crash at any second. As the plane landed and the door, opened Herbert jumped out and ran into the building and he hid in the corner. The zoo company grabbed him all the while he was scratching and screaming to get away.

They threw him into the jungle and blocked all the paths in which Herbert could escape. Herbert settled into a nice spot in the jungle, which looked safe. He heard something rumbling in the bushes. “Whoo…ss.s.s… ..there…”? Herbert said nervously. A giant object emerged out of the bushes. It was a giant lizard; the lizard had a nametag labeled Amanda. Amanda was huge and around the same size as Herbert. Herbert had never seen a lizard this big before, not in his zoo for that matter. Herbert began to scream and started running like a mad man.
“Thump!!!!” Herbert had hit a tree.
Amanda had decided to walk on over and give Herbert a hand.
“Hi, I’m Amando!” the lizard said.
Herbert continued to scream and managed to spit out the words “H….ii…ii!”
“It’s ok, I don’t bite” she said.

Herbert no longer afraid after hearing her gentle voice began talking to Amanda. He began to tell her how he came from the zoo and got stuck here, in the jungle and how he was a wimp. She began to tell him that she was in a similar situation and was also stuck in the jungle.

They discussed with each other the skills each of them had. They realized that if they stuck together that they would have all that it takes to survive in the jungle
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