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Character Creation

Garlok a warrior from when orcs and humans ruled the planet and the land was barron and desolate. He was a strong warrior of great stature and honor. He had a green bold face with rivets all round, a giant nose ring with eyes the color of solid steal. His teeth like a shark’s mouth engulfing giant armies of destruction. His eyebrows like whales flying through the air. His nose a giant block of doe splattered on his face. His ears wiggled ever so lightly to give you a sign that he was alive, hi hair orange and two giant horns sticking straight up and out of his head. A tattoo on his arm gave you the chills as you stared at it, seeing a orc rip off a humans head and sticking it on a post. His clothes were like rags, barely covering up his body or even protecting a thing. His shoes as if they had walked a million miles.

He was a good person by heart, but the things the king made him do was morally wrong and even evil villains do not enjoy so much suffering. The king Ridel wanted to take over the land of of agnor, he wanted the land because he was sick of the humans having it. Because Garlok was the leader of the army, he had no choice but to follow everything that he was told, even if they were to kill people. The king had a meeting in which they would discuss super problems.

“Garlok I want you and your men to attack and take over the area we call agnor”

Garlok with a glum face responded, “We have no need for that hand, why should we attack it, there is no reason to injure thousands of people for no reason what so ever. “

The king was furious at him and knew that Garlok would pull off such a stunt and was pre-pared. He had his wife and child and threatened to kill them if Garlok did not attack the village. Garlok had no choice but to do as he was told and attack the village. He attacked the village with much regret and remorse and was made to kill 2 innocent children from the village of agnor. He felt really bad. After fighting the bad guy he eventually attacked the king a and took over the land himself and became friends with the humans in the end.
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