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We lived in Winters California a normal, yet almost too normal town. It was extremely dull since almost nothing ever happened. Everyone knew everyone and greeted each other when they walked by. Every day I would walk to school in which I was a sophomore in high school. I would walk with my girlfriend Randi. I loved my girlfriend and we were planning on getting married when we got out of high school. I loved her so much and so dear. But, unfortunately she was really clumsy at times, and would always get scratched or bruised by something some how. So, I was there to help her from getting hurt. Maybe that’s why I loved her so much. Her mom had cancer and was refusing to get treatment plus her mom and step dad were always fighting. They were getting a divorce. Her real dad was a drug addict. My parents were real nice. I also had a step dad but my parents were not getting a divorce. My real dad used to be a drug addict but he was no longer one. I loved my parents although I did not always show it, and my girlfriend loved her parents, but her parents did not love her back. Her birthday was a day before mine. Yet, it did not matter she knew I had some of the same problems. Our lives were dull as hell. So, we thought. That’s when the things began to happen. Things that you think would never happen to you, but it does.

Chapter 1
“Ring! Ring!”
“Grr…… Grmmmmmmphhh…”
I awoke to the phone ringing in my ear. I was having a bad dream, the kind that’s hard to remember.
“Go away away!, let me sleep a little longer” I mumbled.
The had still be ringing. I finally got out of bed grumbling to my self and picked up the phone.
“Uhh…. Hello…” I said tiredly.
“Hey babe, you awake?” loving girls voice asked.
“Uhhhh….” I yawned.
“Come on sleepy head wake up!!”
“Ok, honey I’m coming over you better get ready I love you!”
“I still did not want to wake up so I decided I would fall back to sleep since it was only 6:30 and the school did not start until 8 o clock. I slept good yet, I was awaken still in my boxers with my girlfriend on top of me half-naked kissing me on my lips with extreme passion. What a way to wake up. I got so overwhelmed with love that I began attacking her with kisses. I began attacking her with kisses. I can’t tell you the rest because it may be to inappropriate for younger audiences. So lets just
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