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Well, I think this will be my first entry of this mini story journal. In each
One I write, I will describe someone I know and the reason they are not good People. No, Iím not going to pick on or make fun of anyone. Just point the flaw in each person I have seen and met. I will kind of give my idea on what I think the reason is that those are the way they are. I believe that every personís behavior as well as their personality starts with the parents and that first influence that is put on them. The second influence is the friends and the peer pressure that causes someone to be the way they are. The third one is media and entertainment, which is blamed for this kind of influence. The only way it could get blamed is if itís the number one cause. But it is not. The only time that it becomes the reason is when the parents or friends have no influence on them. So, in this story we will have several patients. From school and my life and other lives as well and I will diagnose and solve there problems the best that I can, one at a time. All of these stories are based on true stories and can also be based on false stories if no one can think of anything. So, I will try to turn the people around the make an influence of any type on them.
Yet, the thing that I do regret is that sometimes I fail to succeed. I sometimes
Worry if that person is going to live because of what I have done. Like itís my fault or something. I sometimes think my own life is not in gear. Yet, no-ones life is really in gear.
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