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My whole world

Every person who says that I am a human , but it is not enough to be a human .a true human face the hurdles of life very bravely.


This is my real life story that how I spent my childhood to be Youngman. I was born in 15 February 1980 and that was Friday . My parents my family was very happy that God give us a boy. That is common in specially Pakistan that when a girl born ,it make them upset .

We belonged to a poor family . My mother age was about 15 years when I was born.

In the mean of true relation there are mother and father.

Daughter always do as his mother and son always do as his father.

We were seven member of our family when I born . My 2 uncle , my grand mother my grandfather , my mama, and my father.

When I was 4 years old my father goes to foreign to earn money for family. So that is first point that now I am far away from my father. I were needed my father. My father sent money to his mother and she spent it with his own views. She did not about my mother. Me and my mother wept together., that what is happening. My father did always fever my granddaughter.

My Grand father is did now but in his whole life her wife did not take care of him.

I loved my father so much , but my grand mother did not like it.

That is a sin. She even did not speak to him at his end of life. So my uncle his name is Gulam abbas every money my father sent it was all in his account. When I go to School and see the children that how neat and beautiful shoes they wear , I request to my grand mother that please but it for me, she only punish me in reply.

So time spent as same , my mother had no right in this home, At last we shifted to another home, and its cost paid my grandfather. But no reward from her wife and his sons.

We were 3 brother and sister now when we shifted that home. My grandmother only loved me for one reason that say to your father as I said , if you donít you will be punished and also I will punish your mama, and my son do always as I say. It was a great problem for me . Just sorrow , and tears and I did not want to show it to my mama., because she was already in sorrow. So I do always as my grandmother said, to save my mama. My father punish my mama, when he come back from UAE. He says you are telling lie, because my mother is always truth. What can I say on that moment. I cannot bear that what is doing with my mother.

My father only loved his money and his mother. His mother was everything for him.

The atmosphere of our home was like politics .When we were seven brother and sister then my grand mother already think that imran shah is now defused. Choose another one from seven, so she choose my small brother and advised him same as he did before me.

My mother situation is same.

When she went to meet her mother and father , they did not even give him money to spent. I wept my mother again,. I love my mother so much.

One night suddenly my father came in home from UAE it was about1:30am. He beat me my mother my sister and my uncle stayed near to them.

At last I said, o father donot touch my sister and mother, beat me as you can because it is your right, My father angry on me , he try to slap on my face but I stop his arm,on that day my father did not punish my mother and even sister.I touch my father feet and request him that please what I do forgive me. On that day to now my father love to my mother and my sister .

One day he ask me if I get married to your cousin do you have any objection, I said dadif you marry me with a donkey I will not refuse your request. But please think about it .

Next day my father go to his sister to talk about my marriage , she accept and our marriage came in 23 april 2007. I eat poison that it is not doing good, she cannot make my mother happy. If you people think that I did not obey my father then tell me. I am obedient to my father.

And it was wrong decision for my father to marry me her girl . You already know about our culture specially home culture.

Our sons are good and our wives are bad and our daughters are goog and their husband are wrong.

My wife mostly goes to her parent home, even when she talks to some body she does not tell me . It is another sorrow for me , it is my nature that when I see bad things , I weep and close in a room . that is my marriage life

My father arrange a computer shop for me, but I was needed my father that time .

When he talk to me on phone he always abuse me, use harsh words, even he getout me from my home for one year after marriage but own home is own home .

I cannot forget my mother tear , I cannot bear my mother punishment she bear.

They trained us like we are slaves , my wife says , in a minute I can get out you from your home.

I have a cute daughter but she is abnormal.

My wife always do as his mother does.

She is so advanced, but I am not , she is B.A BED M.ED

I am doing MBA . There are many words to say you about my life.

But I believe God makes exam who is able to exam.

My brother even sister even wife is not sincerewith me, but I believe God will give reward HE is seeing everything .

I lie many time to save my mother .

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Some words on my life

I need my father , I need his love

I need my family , need their love

I need my daughter , I want to hug her

I want my wife , because I love her

I need my God ,to please call me

I am not a good husband

I am not a good son

I am not a good father

Please GOD save my life

I promise I can bear all hurdles of you

God please give me happiness at least one day

I pray .


Syed imran haider rizvi

M/o fazal pura sukheke mandi

District Hafizabad (52160)

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