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The hot surge of detestation resembles the Gulf ;
The seriousness escalates since there are no amends made;
Requisite a halfpennyworth of hand from friends and brothers;
They absconded with monies after beseeching like real friends and brothers;
Betrayal made up wittingly, though;
Never rely on those drivelling idiots anymore!
Blood must atone for blood;
Let the raging wrath lurked inside the soul burst out furiously;
Confessing animosity against their avarice and precarious allegiance of friendship and brotherhood;
Comrades in wars could be unreal;
Never, never trust them!
There are no true friends and brothers in this ruthless world;
I could only visualise how they teeming with regrets in my deep heart's core;
Hope all these are merely imagination;

 I could hear the song of Peace when slumbering robe wore on. 


wish u will like it.


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