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The dark night


Its a time when Emily was alone in her house.Suddenly a the lights started to flicker and then swiched of . She was very scared . And then one zombie appeared in front of her , she fainted. After some time when she got up  the zombie was vanished and the lights was swiched off.she felt asleep.She saw a red ball when at the midnight .She picked that up and the lights started to flicker again and zombie appeared but she din't fainted this time she asked who are you why are you disturbing me . zombie replied you have touched my red ball give it back. she replied whats the proof that its yours ??

proof? yeah proof emily replied. But i am saying that its mine why dont you belive ?? suddenly Emily's mom came emily wake up baby your school bus will come hurry upYell. emily waked up and she said oh my thats good that it was a dream ,that was the worst dream ever seen .Frown 

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