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The Scariest Halloween

One Halloween day I had some of the strangest things happen to me. In English, we were learning about Walter Mitty & this guy trying to kill him named, Das Boot. Well anyway, I was at home watching MTV when Walter and Das suddenly appeared to be coming out of my TV and running in my living room. I blinked my eyes and yet they did not disappear. That’s when, I turned to a channel with the tittle Big Surf. Das and Walter went away but away but that’s when a MHS freshman named Kory was surfing the half pipe toward me through my TV. I frantically searched for the remote but I was too late and was flooded out of my house. I stood up and looked in the sky and saw 101 screaming, talking crows. That’s when I saw the tall man MR. Small screaming, “The Crows Are Coming!” When the famous Mark Mc. Guire came and said, “Don’t worry, I will dispose of these Birds!” Mark then hit each bird down one by one with base balls, Which were later kept as antiques. I looked at the time, It was time to trash Westminster Field. We started running over to the field when coach Rehling stopped us at the wrong time. That’s when a Marina Football Player named Joe tackled and trashed the coach for stopping us.

When Westminster Field was completely trashed. I decided that I wanted to go ice-skating. So I went to the Unfrozen Ice Palace. That’s when the thing that I was least expecting happened. I saw Pamela Anderson and Bruce Willis laying on the floor in the unfrozen ice palace. When I turned to the left I saw a long bloody knife on the floor and…… “Oh no!” Bill Clinton Screamed.”
“This is too much for me.” I said.
So I ran away, I ran, and ran until I was lost. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything. I looked for some type of light switch, none. I had no idea what to do. I looked around when I saw it, a skeleton.
“Uhhhhh!.” I fainted.
When I came to I looked around and saw something ugly looking.
“Uhhh!” I fainted again
When I came to again, the figure said,
“Don’t be alarmed, I will not hurt you”(like a vampire)
“Wh., Who.., Who are you?”
“I am Victor the Vapire”
“uhhh!” I fainted once again.
When once again I came to, Victor said,
“Its OK, it was only a joke.”
“Where am I?”
“You are in the cave of the vegetarian carrot juice suckers“
“And I am going to suck you blood.”

I woke up, Where was I? I seemed to be moving but I couldn’t tell. But where was I? I sat up and looked around and saw that I was in a bus, but where was the driver. “Help! Help!” I’m in a runaway bus and I don’t think there are any breaks and I’m drowsy and I can’t get up.
I tried to force myself up. I couldn’t get up. I felt something on my neck. It felt like two little holes. Then I thought to myself, was the vampire real. No time for that, I need to get off this bus. When I had some of my lifeness back I noticed cop cars around what seemed to be the bus and me. That’s when the cops said,
“Please do not get up, we think you are connected to a bomb!” I did not know what to do. I looked around for the bomb. There it was, I saw it. It said three minutes. I panicked. What to do? What to do?
I looked around the bomb so I could find out if it was really attached to me. There it was, a cranberry red wire. I followed it to where ever it was going. It was connected to this blue, looking electric thing that was not connected to me, I was free. I looked at how much time I had left. 30 seconds. I ran toward the emergency exit. It was locked. That’s when I used all of my strength to knock down the door with a bright flash of gold coming from me. I jumped off the bus, which brought heavy fog from all of the fire rising. I then became a hero, why I’m still not sure. Then after all of the celebrations an arctic blast of cold air came flowing from Alaska and killed everybody so no one could live happily ever after. But what about the vampire?
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