DOLLY'S MISADVENTURE. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Dramatizing Bookmark and Share


Daddy is bawling out Mom again and she’s standing there with that face on her that could sink battleships so you decide to go outside and breathe in the air and let them carry on with it as they always do because nothing really gets settled they just make a hell of a lot of noise and bawl and throw stuff and get hit and hit back with Mom giving as much as she gets and little Johnny up in his cot sleeping not yet woken up by the rows and noise so you walk over to the barn and open the door and shut it behind you and climb the ladder to the hayloft and settle there wrapping the skirt about you so the mice don’t creep up your legs as one did once getting as far as your panties before you realized what the heck was going on and you screamed the darn barn down and Daddy came running thinking you were being attacked by someone putting his big arms around you trying to calm you down and the mouse having long since fled by then and you nigh on peeing yourself with the shock of it all but Rider Daddy’s farmhand just laughed looking at you all kind of sick and his large eyes peering you as if he could see right into you and now laying there in the hayloft with no noise but the hens outside and the cattle in the near field and maybe the movement of mice or rats somewhere you stare at the roof of the barn at the way the thin slither of sunlight comes through the gap between the barn door and frame and how the dust specks and flies move around like small galaxies and  you can still feel the sting on your thigh where Mom’d caught you with a swipe earlier for not doing the chores you ought to have done and you rub your hand along it trying to ease off the stinging and lying there thinking about the slap you hear the barn door open and voices speaking low and excitedly and you turn over and peep carefully over the edge to see who it is and what they’re doing in the barn and you see Rider and his friend Clyde creeping into the barn closing the door shut behind them looking around in the dull light whispering and sniggering and Rider says I saw her come in here a few moments ago so she must be in here still and you creep back to where you’d been before and lay still with your heart beating hard in your breast and your eyes peering into the air waiting and listening and hoping they go out again and wondering what they were wanting you for and why they were following you into the barn and you can hear them moving about their voices low their whispers frightening you and you huddle small as you can pushing yourself into the hay your fear of mice and rats adding to the overall sensation of anxiety and feeling your bladder wanting to flow and sensing the heat of the hay the prickliness on your skin and looking up your thought patterns disturbed you see Rider standing over you with his legs astride and the Clyde feller just behind him smirking and rubbing the hands and rider says Well what we got here? If it ain’t the Boss’s daughter lying there waiting for us Clyde she must’ve been expecting us maybe hoping we’d turn up and Clyde sniggers in the background his piggy eyes looking at you and you want to cry out for Daddy scream out at the top of your voice but you can’t say a word your throat seems dried up and Rider kneels beside you and stares at you deeply with his grubby hand resting on your thigh saying Not enough meat on this to feed a darn dog and he moves his hand upwards pushing up your dress and says Maybe more meat up further Clyde as he eases your skirt up your thigh touching your stomach and patting it and moving his fingers into your panties making Clyde snigger more and his lips drip water and Enough meat there for a little snack Clyde says moving nearer standing by your feet now scratching his fingers and looking at Rider while waiting and Rider’s just about to say something when you hear Dolly where are you child? Daddy’s voice bawling into the barn and you can tell by the tone and loudness that he’s not happy and before Rider can put his hand over your mouth you bawl out Here Daddy up here in the loft Rider’s touching me and gawking at me and Rider and Clyde jump away from you like rabbits being spotted by a  huge dog and you sit up pushing down you dress over your knees and as you do so you can hear Rider and Clyde saying something to your Daddy but whatever it is it hasn’t pleased him or satisfied him one iota because as you look over the edge you see him aim his shot gun at them and in his deep frightening voice calls Get your little behind down here Dolly I want to know what these here skunks were up to with you in the loft? And as you climb down from the hayloft looking at the two men standing against the wall with Daddy aiming the gun at them and his finger itching to pull the trigger and you go and stand beside him and for the first time ever you tell him the whole truth not caring if he spanks you later as long as he has the two men away from you and put off the farm for good and all the time you’re speaking Daddy’s eyes are focussed on Rider and Clyde the finger getting itchier and itchier his breathing getting deeper and deeper like drawing water from a deep dark well of anger and Daddy bellows at Rider and Clyde Get your asses up to the house I’m going to get the police up here before I blow both your asses clean away into the wind and for the once you don’t mind Daddy’s anger and bawling because it somehow makes you feel safe and wanted for the first time in your life.

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