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                                                                  THE  FUTURE




First I need to make you aware that this story is not about what will be our  future.This story is about a person who lived in a village known as   IGATPURI (near Mumbai) and how he married a girl and after his marriage he had a son called Sundar. GOD gifted him with some magical powers  to save Mumbai and its citizens .So this story is all about Sundar and his experiences in life…


Once there lived a poor guy called Hari Om.He was very poor but he believed in earning money not by begging but by hardwork.He lived with his mother as his father expired when was just 10 years old. His father was a well to do farmer so he made his son study in the best school of the village .As soon as he died  he left little wealth for his family.Everyone was sad by the loss in the family but they could  not  help it.  According to Shakespeare   life is a play where each person has a important role to play and they have their entry and exit .He was unlucky because his role was a short one in this play…


After his death Hari Om had to leave his studies as there was no one to earn in the family. So at the age of 10 he had to work at a tea stall as a waiter. He earned Rs 300 per month And he was unable to support his family so you can  imagine  his lifestyle  after he had lost his father. It









continued till 1 year  after that there was a law passed which said that children under 14 years couldnot be employed on work and if a child is found working the shop owner will be sent to jail for 2 years so the stall owner forcefully made Hari Om resign..So he was again jobless for 1 month…




After one month he could not bear this problem so he went to a government office to find a solution for his  problem .He convinced the officer  to help him. The officer decided to give his family Rs 1500 per month to meet his  requirements .He was happy with the agreement and he went back happily.The agreement said that he will get Rs 1500 per month until he will turn 14 as after that he could find a job for himself…


No sooner did he turn 14,than he was loaded with responsibilities. He managed to find a job for himself which was of  a labour. Though his monthly salary was Rs  900,  he was happy what he earned. Time flew like bird.  He was busy with his work the whole day. According to me the job of labour  is  the most miserable job ever. Long working hours, unhygienic food and place to work  made  this job  more horrible than any other job. When he turned 18 his mother forced him to marry. He did not agree to that and paid his attention towards his work. His co workers teased him that like you your son will not be able to achieve success. But he always answered

                               I AM A LOOSER IN LIFE,

                        BUT MY SON WILL TOUCH SKIES…


His family had  good relationship with all the  families of the village and








specially this one in particular. They were the best of friends. In Hari Om’s family he was unmarried and in other family there was an unmarried girl called Kala  . Both the families decided to marry Hari Om and Kala .…The bride’s father handeled the situation financially and the marriage was successfully held. After  marriage they  lived a happy life as Kala’s father was the source of income. After two years or so they had a child which  they  named  Sundar. Actually he was not as handsome as his name suggested   but  he was above average.




He was bright, he was tall,he was the brightest boy in his class , His seniors used to ask for his help, he could easily grasp the theories of science as fast as the speed of light. .His name was  Sundar. He got his education  in  the  best school of the village. He studied well till 10th standard and after that an  incident happened which turned everyting . Once he was playing cricket with his friends. He was a good bowler and a not bad but I will say ok batsman. The position of the match was that his team were fielding and the opponents were batting . 10 runs were needed in 3 balls. It was as exciting as  an IPL match. When he bowled the third last ball of the second innings the batsman tried for a boundary but Sundar tried to save it. The ball hit Sundar on his head and he fainted . His teammates took him to the nearest hospital. They called his parents and the operation started, It took 3 and a half hours to complete. As soon as the doctor completed the operation his parents were eager to ask him  about his mental and physical state  .The doctor said that he was no more and tomorrow he will be buried. Kala started crying and was uncontrolable…


That night the dead body was brought  back home and kept for the night for an early morning cremation. Suddenly  a miracle took place. There was






an eerie  noise  in and around the house and  sundar opened  his eyes again.



His mother could not believe what was happening in front of her eyes and so did  the rest of the villagers present there.. So after seeing this kind of a sight she fainted. The next  morning no one could believe what had  happened. After that he was expelled from his school and his friends started ignoring him as they thought  that he was a ghost.  He used to stay in his house from the morning till the night…


One night he was  feeling uneasy and depressed. As soon as he abandon that he cannot live like that anymore, God appeared in front of him. He got  scared from  what was happening around him . Its  obvious that when  at night you are sleeping alone in a dark room and a type of light appear in front of you ,you feel scared.…


The God said “Son,these are the magical powers you are getting from me”

“Magical powers,what magical powers. I do not believe in magic at all and by the way who are you and what the hell are you doing here ”Sundar  exclaimed

“you do not know me? I am the one who run the world ,I am the one who everybody prays” God said

“ you  are god or what?” Sundar shouted

“ you guessed it right” God said

“really,you want me to believe you” sundar said

“you have to, I have send you here  because u have to save Mumbai from the disaster”

“” sundar  said

“ that you have to see my  son,  through your magical powers” God said

“ what magical powers do I have” sundar blurted.

“ power to see the future” God said








“what! are you sure” sundar said

“I am very  sure” by saying this he disappeared in air as he had appeared.


Sundar was shocked by the conversation which  took place a moment ago. The next morning when he tried to tell his parents about it no one was ready to believe him . He tried a lot to make them believe that it was true the time came when they started ignoring him by not talking to him. One night he used his powers and saw that a big flood will come in Mumbai which will destroy the whole town and its citizens . He was surprised what he just saw and decided to save mumbai .By this  time  he was completely frustrated so in his frustration he left the house with only Rs 500  in his pocket. He did not tell about it to anyone. And one night he left his house leaving a note on his dining table than he will return soon. He knew God abet him…

He went to the railway station and bought a ticket of Rs 190. As discussed

earlier his family lived in a small village near Mumbai so the ticket  was

cheap and easily available he went  and sat inside the train and waited for its  depature. Luckily the people who were traveling with him in the same compartment were  very  helpful  . They were a group of 3 people who were traveling from Bhopal to Mumbai. They offered Sundar food several time  but he refused. The next morning when he reached Mumbai he was completely blank where he has to go. He was a bit scared because that time he was only 17 years old and never lived alone. When he stepped out of the station he was hungry. He went to a tea stall to have something. This sight reminded him of his father who had  worked  at a  tea stall for more than  a year. After having his snacks he started his journey…



“Sir can you please  tell me where is the weather office ” Sundar asked a man.





“Sorry. I do not know because I am myself new to this place” the man replied


“no  problem” sundar said


He walked another mile or so and asked a woman this time.


“ Excuse  me  madam , can you guide me where is the weather department” Sundar requested


“Its on my head” lady shouted


“I cannot find it there” sundar said


“don’t waste my time and get lost from here” lady shouted again . this time more louder.


So he walked  another 10 mile or so and after that he saw a big building

In front of him .He went nearer and asked the watchman that where is the weather  office.


“Sir can you tell me where is the weather office ” sundar said


“you have come to the right place. The building in which you are standing is  the place you are asking for  “ the watchman said


Sundar could not  believe his luck. He thought that god is with him all the time.







“by the way, why are you looking for the weather office ” watchman inquired.


“I want to meet the head” Sundar said


“meet the head, but why” watchman said


“I want to inform him that in another  10 days or so a flood will come which will destroy this town” Sundar said


“destroy this town. A flood” by saying this the watchman started laughing loudly


“please for heaven sake don’t waste my time” watchman said


“ I am not lying” by saying  this  Sundar  left that place.


  For seven days he was wandering in Mumbai aimlessly trying to convince people about his dream,but people thought he was a lunatic.


“seven days have passed ,three more to go” sundar thought .


He was not left with even a single penny.  He was sitting on the footpath near a lavish hotel. Suddenly  he saw a big car stopped next to him. He was scared. A man or rather an uncle came out of the car. He was none other than his old family friend  Ramesh  who used to live in his village and now he was  a multimillionaire. He recognized Sundar  and  decided to help him…


Ramesh  took him to  his  house  and asked  him to tell his problem. When he told  that  he  wanted  to meet the head of the weather  department. Ramesh  agreed  as   the head  was his  good friend   .He fixed a meeting between  the two on the same day and Sundar was very happy with that…







When Sundar told the head about what is going to happen In next 3 days . the head was shocked and asked  him the source of this information . He told that he has a magical power to see the future.  Though the head could not believe on what he had   heard   then  too  he agreed on  it due to his friend ship  with Ramesh and broadcasted on T.V ,Radio. Papers that in another 3 days a flood will come which will destroy the town appropriate measures were taken to save the city . Some of the people left the town, some of them built a boat for themselves and some of them did not   and did not do  any  effort…


After three days the D’day came and the flood arrived on the predicted date. Due to the warning which was given in advance many lives were saved. The government took protective measures which helped the people.

The people who took it seriously were saved  and the people who took it lightly paid with their lives. After it had all subsided Sundar was standing at the beach thinking of:-  

                            “IT WAS EXACTLY AS I SAID”   






                                                                                SIDDHARTH ANAND.

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