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The Forest

I can hear him
Even from this distance I can hear him
I`ve been running for so long
Just so tired
I just want it to stop
This forest goes on forever
Need rest but I can`t stop
I can never stop
Trees are everywhere
In my way but I need them
They hide me
Protect me
Fallen branches obstruct my path
Push them aside
Can`t see moon
Hidden by clouds
Shadows surround me
Envelop me in their cold embrace
Howling pierces my very soul
Awakens primal fears within me
Can`t stop running
The forest itself seems dead
Fitting that I should be here
The stench of decay nauseates me
I can still hear him
Closer now
Legs hurt
Can`t stop
Keep going
Starts to rain
Feel cold, tired
Moon appears
Watches me
Trees sway
Gnarled fingers reach for me
Can`t give up
Can`t let it win
Howling almost on top of me
Chest hurts
Forest never ends
There must be an end
Breathing heavily
It`s not me
Nowhere to hide
Nowhere left to run
The nightmare has found me
Knew I couldn`t escape
Only a matter of time
The forest hears my screams
Becomes my tomb
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