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A Night To Remember

On the page, I pour out my heart. No one knows the past I hold. And no one will. I am not just a girl. I’m a girl with a story. A story I didn’t think anyone would ever find out.

 It all started on a boring Friday evening, I was home alone. My cell phone rang, so I answered it.  It was my friend, Mason. He told me that there was a party forming down a couple houses from mine. I knew my parents would be gone for a while, so I decided it would be a fun way to pass the time. I was wrong.

 I arrived at the party, which was the home of Carmen Johnson, and walked over to Mason. He was wasted.

“h-hey bab-e-e-e” Mason stuttered out.

“Hey, Mason. Is anyone here I know?” I ask, a little nervous.

“That one girly…Maloney…M-Maloney”

“Ok thanks”

 Inside the house, it was sheer chaos. Beer bottles everywhere. There were girls and guys everywhere totally falling all over each other. It was disgusting. But I made my way to the kitchen.

“Hey look! There’s Mia!” Hope yelled.

“Oh, yes! Hello!” I say.

“Where is Maloney?”

“Upstairs with Drake…not a good time…” She winked.


 That was when I saw him. Chris Handler. Senior at Hillside High School. He was beautiful. His stance was pure gold. I couldn’t help but stare. He was alone. No girl falling on him. He was alone. Alone. A girl comes up behind me and says:

“ooohhh! You have the hots for Chris??”

“No…well…yes…kind of…ish…” I spit out

“Go on!” While she says this she pushes me toward him. He’s even more amazing up close…

We are right in front of him.

“Chris, this is Mia” She introduces me to a god.

“Oh, Mia, hello! I’ve seen you before…I think…” Chris’s beautiful voice stammers out.

“Yes, we have f-French together, 3-3 period” I explain

“Oh yeah!” Chris says fluently back

“Well! You two kids have fun…and remember…Maloney and Drake will be done soon…upstairs…” The girl says while winking.

“WHAT THE HECK?!” Chris and I both yell, forcing the entire room to go silent and stare in our direction.

“Ha ha…” I stutter out.

“Well, that was awkward…” I say

“Yeah…but it’s ok.” He says


“Hey, do you want to go upstairs? You know…to talk” Chris asks me

“Sure” I say not knowing what to say next. I am about to go upstairs alone with an inhuman like creature that is actually making conversation with me!

 When we arrive upstairs we sit down in a small room. He sits on one side of the bed, I sit on the opposite.

This is awkward.

“So, Mia…” The way he says my name makes my heart stop


“You…uh…like West Wood?” He’s referring to my school.

“Yeah…it’s cool” I reply

“I like it, too” It’s clear that he doesn’t know what to say either.

“Can I ask a question, Chris?”

“Sure…ask me anything” Chris says.

“Why did you bring me up here?” This truly is something I’m wondering…

“Because…well…I kind of wanted to do this…” He leans over across the bed, and presses his soft lips to mine. His mouth to mine is heart stopping. I can’t find myself. I’m outside of my body. This continues for what seems like a long time.

 When Chris and I finally separate, He whispers something in my ear:


“Back at you! That was amazing”


We both stare into each other’s eyes for a long time.

After a while I fall into his arms. We both lie back onto the pillows. My head on his chest, his breathing is so wonderful.

At some point, I drift of to sleep. I dreamt great dreams that night.

I woke up  the next day, to his tender touch to my check.

“Good Morning…” He wishpers.

“Hello…” I say.


The End





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