MAX LIKES DAMES. | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Short Story - Confession Bookmark and Share


Max likes a piece of
Ass as much as the
Next guy, but as heís
Got older, heís realized

There are other things
Equally important if
Not more so in life,
Such as reading Tolstoyís

War and Peace or completing
Proustís over long novel
Or drinking a 15 year old
Malt all to himself or visiting

His fatherís grave and leave
Flowers not spittle or listen
To Wagnerís Ring cycle
Without a break, sipping top

Quality beer and smoking
The best cigars. He thinks
Of all the dames heís known,
Remembers many of them for

The best reasons not the bad,
Can recall their perfumes,
Their funny ways, their figures,
Big, small, thin and obese,

Can almost see them in his
Mindís eye long after their
Departures or demise. Nights
Especially they come back

To him, these ghostly dames,
While he sips and smokes,
Listening to Bach, scratching
An itch, trying to shut out the

Voice of the next-door bitch,
Watching these phantom
Dames sitting themselves
Down around his room or

Walking, swaying their fine
Asses, giving him their peaceful
Gaze, which they never did,
He muses smiling, in former days.

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