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Book of the Dargons

Chapter one

Gronkar walked through an old city, abandoned. It was night, the moon light shot on the buildings. They were about to fall apart, left for ages for the elements to take them. This city once had a name, but a legendary Dargon made its home near this place and frightened all of the citizens away. Gronkar wore a black thin robe with a very large and thick cloak. He had several weapons all over, a long katana on his back with the hilt near his right ear. And a pike crossed with it, both underneath his cloak, but easily noticeable. He had another Katana on his left waste with a normal length, and slightly thicker sword. Other swords were short and very thick at his sides, one each, They were more like gladiator swords rather then katanas. And his last weapon was a very thick and long sword at his right waist. All of the metal was red, and the weapons casings and handles were black, expect for the katana at his left. It was black with silver lining all over it. His silver hair was thick and long and laid easy on his shoulders, and along back. He inspected the city as he walked through it. He was looking for the legendary Dargon. Dargons are creatures much like demons. They hold special powers and unique looks and there are millions of them. Only a small percentage of them have been recorded. No one knows their exact or when they became to being. Everyone who has lived in the past thousand years has lived with them. Only recently has research begun. But everyone knows that a legendary Dargon is far powerful then any normal, common, Dargons. Gronkar continued to walk through the city until he found something, evidence of the Dargon in the area. He sought adventure; he lived for the risk of life and death moments. He continued his search but he did not need to look far. The Dargon had sensed him and rose from its slumber underneath the ground to fight him. Gronkar had no idea the Dargon was under the ground and it broke free, and it was huge, twice the size of a small house. It was sort of dragon shaped with smaller wings and no scales. It had fur all over its body, rather thick and fluffy fur, with a huge long silver colored patch floating in the air behind its head, as if it was hair. It had a small snout with black and red colors all throughout his huge fur coat. His blood red eyes stared directly at Gronkar. He was angered from this foolish mortal to venture into his home, uninvited, and planned to kill him. Gronkar, was shocked at its size and fierce some appearance. The aura the Dargon put off nearly knocked Gronkar off his feat, but he stayed steady, ready for a fight. The Dargon attacked first, and charged a mass of energy in its mouth and shot a huge blast of dark purple power directly at Gronkar. He was a Shiakon specialist, but he could redirect such an attack, so he dodged it. But the Dargon only did it again at Gronkarís new location. He realized that the Dargon would not give up easy and he had to change the scene of the battle before his luck turned on him. He kept dodging the oncoming attacks as he tried to run around the ruined buildings, breaking the Dargonís line of sight. But it was futile as the Dargonís speed was fast and could close the gap within a single leap. Gronkar knew he had to go on the offensive, and he found out when was the best time. He escaped line of sight for a moment. And instead of running, he drew his two short swords and turned around. The Dargon leaped right in front of him as he expected, and charged before it could blast him into oblivion. Even with blades sharp enough to cut air the thick magic in the Dargonís fur prevented any damage, at all. The four legged creature leaped onto the side of one of the ruined buildings and growled. It realized if his opponent, Gronkar, attacked with a force strong enough to hurt him, he would have been defeated. The Dargon stayed attached to the wall and continued to barrage Gronkar with blasts of magical energy. Gronkar sheathed his blades and began to run behind a building. He glanced behind him, and saw the Dargon was charging a special attack. But before he could realize what exactly it was, it attacked. The beam from the Dargon completely ripped up the ground and was aiming directly for Gronkar. He saw only one escape. He jumped in the air and used his Shiakon skills. Shiakon skills are the way one uses the mana each person has inside of them. Without special hand signs for different techniques and elements it would be almost impossible to use any form of magic. With his Shiakon skills he quickly made three hand signs. They made a very dense plate of stone, almost steel, in front of him. He grabbed it with his feet and as the beam from the Dargon came to obliterate him, the plate shielded him, and let him jump very far, very fast. But the plate was destroyed and the beam still charged him. He grabbed a throwing knife out of his belt and threw it at the building next to him while he flew through the air. The knife had a small yet sturdy chain attached to it that was hooked around his belt. The knife and chain altered his direction with his momentum. He Swung around and very quickly got out of the beams path. Gronkar hoped to have been so swift that the Dargon had not noticed. But it had. He tried to climb to the top of the building after cutting the chain to the knife with a short burst of Magic. But before he got very far, the Dargon had all ready began blasting the building he was on in half. The building fell apart into several pieces. Gronkar knew this, was his chance. As the pieces fell to the ground, he quickly, with lightning speed, jumped from falling peace to peace until he was clear, and jumped, directly for the Dargon. He drew the thick and long sword at his right waist and channeled some of his energy into it, as it was a very powerful weapon. The Dargon saw the power within this sword, it could charge straight through one of the weak blasts he has been throwing out, so it decided to let the human waste its power on a target thatís not there. It leaped back to a clearing in the city with nothing but dirt and rocks, and charged a very powerful blast. Gronkar, hit the side of the building where the Dargon had been and tried his best to reserve the energy in the blade, as holding back such power is very hard. He knew the Dargon had jumped, and where. But when he glanced at it right before he hit the building, he knew what was about to happen. He knew at this very moment, it was all or nothing. He charged for the Dargon with such speed it blew up the building behind him. But it was still not fast enough. The Dargon shot its blast directly for Gronkar. He had no way out. Best he could do at this point was giving it his all and shatter this blast. His sword met with the dark purple ball of power. He pushed out every bit of power he could to break it, and barely did. His speed still rushed him towards the Dargon. And it had no idea that anything, other than another Legendary Dargon could even survive its attack. And before it knew it, the human was once again in striking range. But, once again, the strike did no damage, at all. The Dargon leaped a short distance away readying itself to finish off this human. But then it saw something, he was completely out of power, he was about as harmless as a rock at that point, and the Dargon knew it. Gronkar dropped his sword out of exhausted and fell to one of his knees trying his best to stay on a foot while he dies. His eyes closed and he saw the one he loved, but could never have. For a brief moment he completely accepted his death, as just another needless death. But then he opened his eyes and saw the Dargon. It had shrunk in size and was now half the size of him, and it looked concerned. Their eyes met and the Dargon understood why this human was here. He was here to prove to himself, he was able of at least a small amount of greatness. But the Dargon also saw, he was meant for greatness that would shake the foundation of the world, and forever change all life. Gronkar thought the Dargon was simply showing pity, but then it sat down. He looked at it a while longer and realized, this Dargon had accepted him, before he even captured it inside a rune. Almost everyone in the world has a Dargon, some more than just one, but they have all caught their bodies into a rune that is binded with the capturerís blood. Almost enslaving these demon like things and in most cases, becoming their friends, but in some, forever destroying the Dargonís soul. But this one, in front of Gronkar, was accepting a soul capture, a complete loyalty bind from the Dargon. Hundreds have tried to catch Legendary Dargons, and none have had any success, and now, this one, offering its service to someone he could have killed, Gronkar was honored. He reached for a rune under his robe. Runes were often different depending on how exactly the user wanted to bind the Dargon, but this one was a single plate with the symbol for hope embedded onto it. He cut the tip of his finger and wrote a design on the plate, over the symbol. The blood bond written is the kind of bond the creature will have, and he wrote the one for a soul bond. Soul bonds are impossible unless the creature 100% willingly accepts. He pointed it at the Dargon and whispered the words, ďcome to me, my friend.Ē A bright white light shot out of the rune and surrounded the Dargon and returned to the rune, with the Dargon. The whole rune glowed purple for a second, then faded to normal metal color. Without hesitating Gronkar brought the rune to his heart, to seal the bond, forever. He opened a mythical portal by his heart, to his soul. And pushed the rune inside, then the small portal closed. He collapsed from the battle but found his Dargon, caught his fall. With their souls now bound, he felt a name come to him, weather it was the Dargonís original name, a name he liked, or just the right name, the Dargon loved it when Gronkar called him, Kenzian.

this is the first chapter of my story. If you enjoyed please read the rest at my blog :)† i have other stories on there also please tell me what you guys think.

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