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Fork in the Road

Fork In The Road

In everyone’s life, there comes a time,

When everything appears to be in its prime.

But that time soon fades and you reach a bend,

Where every path around you leads to a dead end.

The road is over, there’s no turning back.

You feel yourself slipping from all human contact.

You’re life becomes cloudy, the days seem longer,

And as time goes by, you wish you were stronger.

Hopeless, you find a knife and slit your wrists,

You’re dead in seconds, and there was so much you missed.

Life itself is a sad, sad thing.

Bad things happen, people are mean.

The pain we suffer is too much to bear,

And to think it could have been prevented if only someone was there.

Yet in this life we’re all alone,

No one to look up to, sadly we’re all on our own…

—Mark Lenig
January 28, 2001

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