The Scary House | By: Mary I Chatman | | Category: Short Story - Adventure Bookmark and Share

The Scary House

    One day there was a scary house and who live in side was a man named john fock he love to try to lock you up in his house.So one day there was a new family who just moved here it was the coffmen family and they lived on patrick st. and the old man saw them and he wanted them so much.So after a few days they went outside  to go walking  down the st. so the old man saw the two children so he tried to scare them so he jumped out from behind a tree and took them to his house and locked them up in thier.So the mom and dad thought the children were in the bed so they went up to look and they were not there they called the police  and  told them that there children was missing.So after nine years they found the childrens bodies in the old mans house.And the old man is in jail for the rest of is live.


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