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You Fell For Someone Else

You Fell for Someone Else

You look at me
I turn away
We grow farther apart
With each coming day

I know you wouldn’t love me
If only you knew
This is only a small excuse though
For what I’m about to do

This mask I wear is cracking
The truth’s getting harder to hold
Sooner or later you’ll figure out
I never was the perfect mold

I can’t begin to look
Into your pale blue eyes
For fear that in the end you’ll find
Who and what I really am inside

Don’t you look into my eyes
Let me protect you from what you’ll see
I’m not the person you fell in love with
I’m not how I present myself to be

I’m doing you a favor
Saving you the disgust
I’m protecting myself from that look
When women realize it was only lust

You fell for a different person
Thinking that it was me
I can’t stand any more pain
So for now I’ll just walk away and leave…

—Mark Lenig
March 9, 2001
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