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I’m a monster
A goddamned monster
Thriving on other people’s pain and sorrow
Enjoying seeing them in torment
But hating it all the same

I’m no better than anyone else
On this miserable planet

I write these goddamn poems about
How badly people treat others
I do the same

I talk about how I hate people
I’m a person

These hands
This mouth
These eyes watching
Watching everything they do and say
But not doing a damn thing to change it

But as of now
Things are going to change
I’m going to help
Help make this world a better place

This knife I just lodged in between my ribs
Helps bring this monster to his knees

No more tears will fall
No more because of me
Me and what I’ve done and said
The only ones left now are mine

I’ll sleep now, six feet under
A demon put to rest…

Don’t pity me
Monsters don’t deserve that

The last thing I need are
Tears on my grave
Reminding me of why
Why I made this sacrifice.

—Mark Lenig
March 20, 2001
First day of spring
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