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I made a lot of promises
When we first got together
I took this superficial love for granted
Thinking it would always last forever

I promised we’d be together
In sickness and in health
I relationship takes two to make it work
I only cared about myself

I looked into your eyes that night
Said I’d rather die than hurt you
If only I had known the outcome of my decisions
Known how much I’d lose…

I remember shutting the door
Shutting out the person I used to embrace
Now when I try to remember who you were
I can only picture your tear-stained face

I thought I loved her
Thought I didn’t love you
Now I’m stuck in an alley alone
Wishing I had been true

I had packed my bags in the back bedroom
Your sobs filling the entire God-forsaken house
I felt like dying then and I still do now
Sorry then. Sorry now. Jesus, I’m such a louse

Outside a car had waited
A younger woman inside
If only I had added to our relationship
If only I had tried

That night I told you of her and me
I knew I broke your heart
I deserve worse than I’m receiving now
I long for a fresh start

But both of you left me
Because I had left you
I’ll die here alone and suffering
All because I was never true…

—Mark Lenig
March 30, 2001
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