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People see me and ask me what’s wrong
“Nothing,” I reply.
Then they tell me to tell the truth
So I take a deep breath and lie

I know they’re just looking for an answer

I stand back and watch this world
As if a million miles away
Sometimes I wish I was part of this world
But I wasn’t yesterday, won’t be tomorrow, not today

Do I really want to belong in this society?

People ask me what’s wrong
“Nothing,” I say turning so they won’t see
I can’t bear to let them look at my eyes
They don’t really give a damn about me

They ask because they want to feel better about themselves

Every time I jump into society as if I belong
I just get thrown right back
Is it fate that torments me
Or am I just God’s personal hackeysack?

I sure seem to get kicked around enough

Then people ask me what is wrong
“Nothing,” I repeat with a sigh
The second they disappear
I turn around and cry

I wish someone would really care

I woke up today with a smile
Determined to make it last
Within seconds my contentment was stolen away
Leaving me scowling and feeling like trash

Those assholes keep knocking me down

The same people ask me what’s the matter
“Nothing…” A little louder sigh
Jesus Christ, how long can I keep this up?
It’s getting harder and harder to lie

I get up again, dusting myself off and look far off into the future

One of these days I’ll tell the truth
When asked I’ll say what’s wrong
For now my troubles remain with me
As sickening as they are and as long

I look down at the present and grimace

For now when people ask what’s wrong
I scream out the same reply
“Nothing, nothing, nothing’s wrong!”
God, I’d give anything to die…

—Mark Lenig
March 15, 2001
“Beware, the Ides of March…”

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