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The world is full of monsters of every size and sort
We only make believe the fantasy type for our own cruel love and sport
But if you look around each day, monsters are there sure as hell
Causing destruction, spreading hatred, always ready to rebel
They are everywhere, everyplace, walking amongst us everyday
For each person we look at on the street has a secret identity hidden away

That streak of cruelty within, driving us to do such deeds
We have to act this way. We were born with this desire, these needs
But in truth, we choose to have this demon inside us boil to the top
We are in fact, the ones turning the crank waiting for the jack-in-a-box to pop

Why must we belittle other members of the human race?
People centuries before have done it. Are we just trying to keep up the pace?
You’d think we’d learn, think we’d ultimately stop
But it’s getting worse each generation, each life form trying to be on top

The theory of evolution says that we evolve in a better way
I say we develop to fit our environment, and that gets worse each day
Competition drives us to this, killing people off until we’re all done
Take a look at December seventh, nineteen forty-one

That day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, only several decades before
Every American swore revenge, to retaliate and close the door
But that gateway stood wide open, causing more hate and pain to flood through
More and more people enrolled for war. It seemed at the time, the only thing to do

Countless times, historians look back upon these dreadful years
Thinking about it makes ones eyes grow damp and swell up in mournful tears
When, oh when will we open these eyes and learn from the mistakes we’ve made
For even I criticize without realization of the pain beneath every human’s facade
Yes, I myself am a hypocrite, causing acts of sorrow and regret
How is genocide any different than slandering a person you’ve just met?

Nobody knows the feelings that one must hide each day
Eventually our ghastly acts will come to haunt us and come that time, we all will pay
Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but in the very end
Our sins will pile up higher and higher, and eventually will transcend
When, oh when will we learn not to revert to such malevolence?
That even I show to my very best of friends. It just doesn’t make much sense

For the world is full of monsters on the inside waiting at bay
Until they can shred somebody’s hopes and dreams, every minute, hour, and day
We don’t have to look very far for one, but actually very near
For you can even see the face of a monster every time you look into a mirror…

—Mark Lenig
Thanksgiving 2000
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