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Life is like a highway…
There are potholes, roadblocks,
Short cuts, and side-trails along the way.
But, “The right way is not always the easy way.”

Life is like a combination lock…
You can’t just turn the dial and expect to hear a click.
There are different keys and combinations to every lock.
You, yourself must find the key.

Life is like a board game…
We can’t trade places or skip turns.
We must move in a forward motion until we reach our final destination.
“Take two steps forward and one step back…”

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle…
We need to fit pieces together to get the whole picture.

Life is like a sponge…
We observe and soak in objects and thoughts.

Life is like a telephone…
We communicate to share ideas and opinions.

Life is like a roller coaster…
We slowly climb the hills, and quickly speed down the slopes.

But after all, life is life…
We must live it to its fullest.
It is not always fair.
We make mistakes, accept them, and learn from them.
Find life for yourself…

—Mark Lenig
Fall 1999
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