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it stick


Another Monday morning came, the birth of a new spring and the birth of a new life. Stacy tumbled out of bed, her spirit aching, she walked to the window and saw the new buds on the tree that was once bare because of the winter. She could smell new beginnings, but her insides were left behind; cold, dark and painful.


Stacy placed her hand on the window and drew invisible circles and right then a light shower began. She felt her eyes sting but she fought the tears away. She was in a war with herself and everyone else; having just lost her boyfriend in a car accident two months before she found out she had cancer, she felt the world was against her. She was in a race against time, trying to find reason in all she did and even in why she tried.

She turned from the window and headed off down the stairs with much strain, wishing to vanish or to wake up from the frightful nightmare she was in. however, when she got to the kitchen she saw her reason. Her reason for getting up in the morning, for enduring the days as they came and for drying the tears that fell so religiously.


She stood by the door way and smiled. “I do have a precious thing, the spring of my everyday winter.”

Stacy had achieved a lot for a 35 year old woman, at the top of the cooperate world, she had the job most men would shoot themselves to have. However as she reminisced at what seemed to be her past the tears rolled down.

“Morning mum!” Stacy’s daughter chirped from the breakfast table. Karabo looked at her mother, just smiled as she understood the  tears and got up to hug her.

After an hour, Karabo was off to school and Stacy was alone again. Although this time she was just alone and not lonely. While she sat at the table she could see why spring brought new life. As she had plummeted to a new low, it was her spring, her answer, her Karabo that restored the life that was meant to be.



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