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Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Fuck you asshole
For the way I feel right now
Fuck me
For not even making a sound…

I stand there stark
Accepting the heart stung blows
So much hate being shaken in a bottle
But so much emotion not even shown

I can’t stand the way
The way you make me feel
I’d forgotten the kind of person you were
But now your mask is starting to peel

Before I moved
I was desperate to get away
Now I’m back thinking things would be different
But it’s as if I had just moved yesterday

The worst thing you can do to a person
Is make him hate himself
The worst thing I could do
Is store my emotions on a shelf

You put me down all the time
Everything I am and do is shit
I know you can’t help the way you are
But you know I can’t handle it

Now you come in the room
Dropping me a stupid note of apology
I won’t even read it though
Every time I do, I always end up sorry

I watch as you turn your back
And walk out of your own bedroom
You deserve to feel bad
Yet why do I feel like it’s my doom?

My anger is fading
I can’t even stay mad; I’m such a dick
I pick up the letter and read it
Then crumple it up really quick

God damn it! Fucker!
There you go again
Making me feel like shooting myself
For having you feel like you lost a friend

You said you’d forgotten I’d changed
That you knew someday I’d snap
Said sooner or later you’d knew you’d lose me
And now you feel like crap

You wrote a goddamn poem
About how sorry you are and were
How come I’m the one right now
That feels like dying in a fucking gutter?

Why do you make me feel bad about myself?
Why do I stay?
I’ll never understand how we things work between us
But somehow we can’t stay mad for more then a day…

In truth I got angry with myself
For not being able to say what was in my head
I blame you for the way I feel right now
But at least a little bit of truth’s been shed

I’ve gone now, and we’ve made up
You’re still and ass though, but so am I
Though even here you somehow still
Make me feel like I should die…

—Mark Lenig
April 13, 2001
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